In The Fight Of Religious Sentiments And The Constitutional Rights, There Are No Winners And The ‘Majority’ Mostly Lose!

In India the leftists and the intellectual groups are know as the warriors for ‘Freedom of Expression’. The Navaratri, Dasara, Ram Navami, Krishashtami all the religious festivals gets pelted by abuses calling the Devi, devatas names, insulting them.

What happens next is confined to the glorious social media agitation. Where the ‘majority’ population spend there day in waging ‘keyboard’ war. The law never nabs them for hurting religious sentiments, for calling our Devi prostitute, for calling Maryada Purushotthama Rama, an alcohol abuser. They always get away, because its matter of

‘Freedom of Expression’.

Have we ever heard similiar tolerance from other sections of the society?

A Hindu leader was shot dead in broad day light for his alleged comments which hurt the feelings of minority. There was a huge bounty on his head.

A day after the shocking daylight murder of Hindu Samaj Party president Kamlesh Tiwari in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh’s Director General of Police OP Singh on Saturday said that three persons have been detained from Gujarat’s Surat in connection with the case.

The trio were detained by a joint team of Uttar Pradesh Police, Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terror Squad and Gujarat Police.

UP Police DGP OP Singh told media persons in Lucknow that three persons identified as Maulana Sheikh, Faizan, and Rashid Pathan have been arrested in Surat and are being interrogated. All the three are in their 20s.

“Pathan was the mastermind of the conspiracy to murder Kamlesh as the former had made disparaging comments back in 2015,” said Singh.

“We are working in collaboration with the Gujarat ATS and till now no link with any terrorist organisation has been established. We will look into all the details and take action,” he said.

“A unit of Lucknow police is also interrogating the trio. A sweet box recovered from crime spot was a vital clue in cracking the case,” he added.

The DGP has also said that Mohammed Mufti Naeem Qazmi and Imam Maulana Anuwarual Haq have been detained from UP’s Bijnor.

“Prima facie it appears that the killing was linked to Tiwari’s remark in 2015, but nothing has been confirmed so far. The killers were probably radicalised after Tiwari’s remarks,” said the DGP.

Tiwari was shot dead at Naka area of Lucknow on Friday. He was the former leader of Hindu Mahasabha and had founded the Hindu Samaj Party.

On the 18th of December 2015

A ittle known Muslim organisation, Tahafuzze Azmate Mustafa (TAM), was protesting at Jantar Mantar against Kamlesh Tiwari’s statement. The leaders of the organisation were demanding a legislation that punished people making derogatory statements against religious figures with death penalty.

Tiwari, who claimed to be the working president of Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha but was disowned by the organisation, had already been arrested and the NSA invoked in his case by the UP government.

The General Secretary of the organisation protesting, however, proposing that unless death penalty became the mandated punishment, such comments would continue.

Any such law would, however, be a significant infringement on the freedoms enshrined in Article 19, the same freedoms that allow the protests to take place.

About a month later the protests continue. On 7th January, a section of the people protesting under the banner of the local wing of the Islamic Council of India turned violent in Baisi in Purnea district of Bihar. Although they had sought permission for a peaceful protest against Tiwari’s statement according to reports, they stormed the Baisi police station and set vehicles on fire.

Another protest against Tiwari earlier in January in Kaliachak in Malda district of West Bengal resulted in violence. The violence is later, however, being speculated to be the result of opium wars.

Qamar Ahmed, Secretary of TAM, tells media that the protests have continued because of the reverence that is accorded to religious figures.

He was speaking in a  programme where their organisation was to distribute books to children from poor backgrounds. Honour, he says, is at times more important than food.

Yes Tiwari made a derogatory remark and for that he was imprisoned too..point is

Tiwari’s statement followed a similar statement by Azam Khan where he made derogatory statement on RSS members. Samajwadi Party’s media convenor for Muzaffarnagar was himself quoted as demanding death penalty for Tiwari by the Times of India.

The Sabrangindia report on the violence in Malda is important to see in this regard. The “general lawlessness” in the state, which is to be blamed for the violence according to the report, has already given way for mobilising people for political gains.

The BJP formed a fact-finding team for the violence, perhaps sensing polarisation in the area.

In a noteworthy opinion piece, journalist Mohammad Reyaz noted the misplaced priorities of Indian Muslims after the protests turned violent in Malda.

Reyaz’s comments are noteworthy, because, for an organisation that claimed to working towards education and general welfare of Muslims in and around Uttar Pradesh, its members to whom he spoke at Jantar Mantar remained unaware of the state of the riot-victims of Muzaffarnagar.

Ahmed, the secretary of TAM whom he met, claims he had been a journalist. It reflects poorly then on his organization to be unaware of problems that they seek to work against, while they seek extra-constitutional restrictions.

Mohammad Reyaz writes,

The protests against his statement are legitimate, however, only so long as the demands adhere to the spirit of the constitution. When the law has already taken its course, it does not behove the citizens of a democratic country to bay for blood.

The organisations fuelling such sentiments fail to see that this creates an atmosphere of polarisation that can only create rift in the society. There is no actual benefit, whether it is the curbing of anti-Muslim or anti Hindu sentiments or the economic betterment of Muslims, that is going to result from these demands.

Now, Kamalesh has been executed by slitting throat and shoving him with bullets. The future course of the story looks all gloomy and dark.

Dr Sindhu Prashanth


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