In the last 48 hours, almost 2 crore Hindus disappeared from India! But the remaining 98 crore are clueless about this

The Hindu population in India has come down by 2 percentage in the last 48 hours!

  • 2 days ago, Hindus in India were approximately 100 crores and accounted to nearly 80 percentage of India’s population.
  • But now, the population of Hindus in India has decreased by almost 2 crores, unfortunately, the rest 98 crore Hindus are not even aware of this.

This is really shocking but the reality. If everything goes right according to the conspiracy of the Hindu-haters, then another 6.5 crore of Hindus will disappear in the next few months.

Yes, I’m talking about how the Congress party successfully divided the biggest communities of Hinduism and is eagerly waiting to separate it from Hinduism. The Congress party which once shouted that it don’t want to separate the Lingayats and Veerashaivas from Hinduism, now wants to separate these two communities from Hinduism.

The letter written in the year 2013 has exposed the Congress party!

As this is an election season in Karnataka, the “think tanks” of Congress party succeeded in recommending the Lingayat and Veerashaiva community as a separate religion. But the same party had then said that they don’t want to give separate religion tag to these communities.

In an exclusive letter accessed by Republic TV, the letter written to the then Additional PS to the Union Home Minister by the Registrar General in the Union Home Ministry proves that the then UPA Government had rejected the demand for recognition of the Veerashaiva Lingayat community as a separate religion on the Census form.

The letter completely nails the Congress party because the subject of the letter written in 2013 is “Providing separate code number/column/abbreviation for recording the religion of the Veerashaiva Lingayath in the ‘Census Form’ and to “recognize Veerashaiva-Lingayath Community as an “Independent Religion”.

The then Registrar General in the Union Home Ministry writes that,

  • It was “decided with the approval of the then Home Minister that no separate code is required to be given to the Veerashaiva Lingayath”.

This is enough to conclude that the Congress is weakening Hinduism. After creating a proposal to create a separate religion for Lingayats and Veerashaivas, the Karnataka Congress is now intended to create a separate religion for the Brahmins, who are around 6.5 crore in India. Now, this is a reason to worry because, there is no scarcity of castes in Hinduism. And these communities could be easily separated from Hinduism, if the Congress party succeeds in the “Mission Lingayat and Veerashaiva”.

Tomorrow, Rahul Gandhi might say that those with the surname –Sharma, Modi, Agarwal, Mishra, Saxena etc will also get a separate religion. Gradually, the Hindu population in India will come down drastically. The lesser the Hindus are, the more vulnerable they are.

This should be learnt from the past, because, the Hindu population in Pakistan and Bangladesh were nearly 20 percentage in 1947, but now, it has decreased by nearly 90-95 percentage. Why speak on neighboring countries. Have a look at the plight of Hindus in Jammu & Kashmir where the population is reduced compared to other religion.

Why did the Congress eye on Lingayats and Veerashaivas ?

  • Lingayats are followers of 12th-century social reformer Basavanna and his vachana (verses) philosophy. Veerashaivas are a sub-sect of Lingayats and the followers of Lord Shiva. Veerashaivism has its roots in the Vedas and Agamas.
  • There are 92 sub-castes among Lingayats and Veerashaivas are one among them. The Lingayats are the backbone of the BJP as they are traditionally support BJP.
  • Numbers speaks. Yes, the Lingayats are a determining factor in 100 assembly constituencies out of 224 in Karnataka and they make up 17% of the state’s population.
  • The game plan of Congress is to split the Lingayat votes and reduce the BJP vote shares.


What will happen if Lingayats and Veerashaivas get a separate religion?

  • Lingayats are one of the biggest community in Karnataka on the basis of population. And if Congress succeeds in this master plan, then it will definitely try to execute plan on several other smaller communities of Hinduism.
  • So, if all the sections of Hindus doesn’t unite to oppose this move of Karnataka Congress, then Hinduism will reach a stage of extinction within the next few decades.

Will the move backfire on Congress?

  • Yes, the move will backfire only if the people are educated. But looking at the present situation, educating the task is bit difficult. Because the people in Karnataka are misled by the Congress with twisted information and raw lies. Even Rahul Gandhi, during his recent Karnataka visit, has lied blatantly.
  • BJP state president B S Yeddyurappa and BJP leader Jagadish Shettar are also Lingayats.

Huge number of Lingayats who have understood that the creation of separate religion is a gimmick, have now decided to oppose this move publicly.

  • Rahul Gandhi, Siddaramiah, listen straight. I am a Lingayat by birth and Sri Basveshwara propagated Lingayat caste to practice Hindu and Vedic rituals conveniently and shun excessive ritualism. We are Hindus first and last. Get that Straight.

Hansika Raj