Incredible : Know how many Indians has Sushma Swaraj helped to safely return to India !

What to do when you are an Indian citizen trapped in a foreign war-torn country ; Or you have been cheated by your recruiting agent in a foreign country who is not paying you or letting you return to India ; or you have been jailed in a foreign country ? These are the worst situations one can face in a foreign land. The only feeling during these moments – to get back to India as quickly and as safely as possible !! The Ministry of External Affairs led by Sushma Swaraj has exactly been doing the same on a massive scale in last two and a half years. On an average, more than 90 Indian citizens residing in more than 50 countries have been brought home on a daily basis during this period. A total of 92,211 Indians have been safely brought back to India in this period.

Most of the people evacuated and safely brought back to India are from war torn countries like Libya, Iraq, South Sudan and Yemen. In this period, 7925 Indians have been evacuated from Iraq and a total of 3775 have been brought back to India from Libya. From war-torn Yemen, another 4748 Indian citizens have been safely evacuated and brought back to India. Most of these people who were evacuated were working as laborers and in other blue-collared jobs. The evacuation from Yemen was named as ‘Operation Raahat’ and was personally supervised by General V.K.Singh who went to Yemen and helped in the evacuation. This operation was widely praised by countries like Germany, USA, UK and France as India also helped in the evacuation of citizens of these countries. The Ministry of external affairs has also helped in bringing back people from other war-torn and unstable countries.

A large chunk of Indian citizens who have been brought back to India is not from war-torn or unstable nations, but from the middle eastern gulf countries where these people have been facing constant abuse and living in extremely poor working conditions. The Ministry of External Affairs has successfully brought back 4570 Indian citizens from Saudi Arabia, 455 from Qatar and 327 from UAE. Apart from this, there are about 40 countries from where Indian citizens have been brought back to India. These citizens were facing jail-terms, or were dumped by their husbands, or had got stuck in a foreign land without any money, etc. As the reputed US daily Washington Post called Sushma Swaraj as “India’s Supermom“, it seems she is justifying every bit of the name given to her. She indeed has been the supermom, helping every distressed Indian in foreign land.

Kshitij Mohan