India has 2600 nuclear warheads, says Harvard University; China and Pakistan shocked after this report

China and Pakistan has a very big reason to worry. It is not because India is inching close to enter the NSG but because of its nuclear power. The report of Project Alpha released by King’s College London said that India’s present strategic trade will help it in increasing its power in nuclear weapons. They also said that India has secretly moved ahead of the United Kingdom and France in the possession of arms and soon may dominate them in major international border issues.

A report named ‘Indian Nuclear Exceptionalism’ by the Harvard University Belfer Centre mentions that India has a fissile stock worth 2600 nuclear warheads. They also added that presently India is in the third position; Russia and United States are ahead of India. Previous year 4 Pakistani scholars had predicted India of having around 500 warheads.

So if these predictions are to be believed true then India will definitely get NSG membership because due to India, other nations can benefit as India can actively supply them various materials.

Indian Navy has decided to build a naval nuclear deterrent of at least six nuclear powered submarines by 2022. This aims to carry more weapons than French and British navies’ combined. That will be a great achievement.

China is deeply bothered about India’s increasing power because then India can directly pressurise China’s Tibet and Arunachal Pradesh policy. In few years China may not involve in India’s internal issues also.

The growing India-US and India-Japan strategic partnerships also have been a headache to China because India is increasing its dominance in various parts of Asia.

China and Pakistan know that India will be a global power in economic and nuclear aspects. This will directly affect Pakistan as it will think several times before interfering in the Kashmir issues.

China’s only option is to stop blocking India’s NSG bid.

Source: Standforindia.com

Rajat Bhandary**