“India is the best country in the World for Muslims,” writes a Muslim Woman

Without questions we would have no interesting answers. Questions motivate us to do research. An interesting question was asked on Q&A website, Quora. “What are the things muslims can do in India but not in other countries?”

There were many interesting answers. We decided to share one such interesting reply. An Indian Muslim woman Tasneem Ali also answered the question. She had a brilliant answer which elucidated her personal opinion about the great nation.

She wrote:

I can safely say, India is the best country to be born and brought up in if you are a Muslim! You can happily follow your own rituals and customs. Not just that, you can happily follow others’ rituals and customs too! A country where you celebrate Diwali, Christmas, Ganesh Chaturthi with equal gusto as you celebrate Eid. You can freely visit temples and churches and gurudwaras.

This is me after visiting a temple in Chail in Himachal Pradesh :

It just gets better if you’re in the creative field like acting.

That’s me in the picture below as a devout Hindu with sindoor and bindi.

And if you are aware of the Yayati-Devyani-Sharmishtha saga :

I had the honour of playing Devyani and spouting lines in sanskritised Hindi.

And that’s me as a Catholic woman!

I think i should make everyone happy 🙂 So im sharing a pic where I’ve played a Muslim too!

I conclude saying living in India is actually the best thing to happen to you not inspite of, but, because you are a Muslim.

Tony Joseph


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