“India cannot be made the refugee capital of the world”: Government gives strong reply to Supreme Court on Rohingya issue!

The entire country was indeed waiting for government’s reply on Rohingya issue which is creating huge security threats to the country. The Supreme Court had questioned government’s action against Rohingyas based on a plea filed by Prashant Bhushan. Mr Bhushan had filed a petition seeking the intervention of the Supreme Court to retain Rohingya refugees claiming they faced persecution in Myanmar.

Prashant Bhushan had accused the Border Security Force of pushing back the Rohingya refugees and barring them from entering the country. He argued that BSF used chilli spray and stun grenades to chase them back which was inhumane and violates human rights. Along with Prashant Bhushan other Human rights activists argued to give all facilities to the Rohingya refugees.

Mr. Bhushan had pointed out that Rohingya refugees camps in India live in abject poverty and squalor. “The conditions are inhuman. There is no access to either schools or hospitals, demanding the central government to give them all aide. The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), through counsel Gopal Subramanium said that refugees had a right to approach the court for securing their basic rights such as education and the court should hear them.

But the central government in September had submitted its argument saying that the issue of Rohingyas should be left to the Executive which will try to the solve the problem diplomatically keeping the National interest in mind. The centre said that there was serious security concerns as many Rohingyas refugees were proved to be involved in anti National activities and pledging their support to terrorist groups. The centre also submitted documents to show that these Rohingya refugees were involved in serious crimes, widespread violence and discrimination in their home country, Myanmar.  It was submitted that as a sovereign nation, its first and foremost constitutional duty towards its citizens would be to ensure that the “demographic and social structure of the country is not changed to their detriment”, and that the resources of the nation are used to fulfil their fundamental rights and not diverted.

But now, the central government has given a very strong reply to the Supreme Court saying India cannot be made into a Refugee capital of the world and a welcome threat to the country by allowing Rohingya refugees.
The 16-page affidavit submitted by the Central government said that the current influx of illegal Rohingya immigrants into India was a “potential threat to internal and national security” and in such a situation, the government would take a policy decision based on several parameters, diplomatic considerations and potential dangers to the nation.

This was a much waited firm reply given by the central government to Supreme Court which had blindly supported the Rohingya Refugees without analyzing facts.

But another advocate Ashwini Kumar, also for the refugees, said “minimum humanitarian morality” should be shown to the refugees at the border. “We cannot push them back to the jaws of death. You cannot deny a man his right to life. The Supreme Court has to intervene as the ultimate protector of life,” he submitted.

But these people should understand that India has not promised the world to take care of all refugees from other countries. Moreover, the issue of Rohingya is not just about human rights but a security concern and the untold vote ban politics involved.

According to NIA and intelligence Bureau, there are over 40,000 Rohingyas in the country and have widely distributed in parts of UP, Bihar, West Bengal and Jammu. The locals had many times complained about illegal activities of Rohingyas in their cities. The NIA also reported that Rohingyas were largely involved in anti National activities by sporting terrorists in Kashmir. They had acquired fake AADHAR cards, election IDs and were getting government jobs with the help of local administrative officers.

The separatists in JK had also threatened the government that there will be a catastrophic effect if Rohingya refugees were sent back, this was a clear indication how the terror groups were using these Rohingyas for anti National activities. It is reported that many foreign funded anti national groups were providing huge funds to these Rohingyas and were training them to voice against India in Jammu Kashmir.

The main plan was to change the demography of the state and thereby claiming majority status for Muslims in the state of Jammu.  Their population is said to be rampantly increasing and each Rohingya family is said to have more than 8-10 kids.

Rohingya Muslims… ‘not refugees’, being brought to India by anti National elements for vote banks!

When our country already has hell of problems which we aren’t able to find solutions for, we cannot welcome more problems allowing Rohingyas to stay in India. Somewhere down the years, the Rohingya issue will take a political turn and it will reach a situation where the country will be longer able to handle the problem. It is better to realise before it is too late!

Aishwarya S