India Caste Religion or Nationalism

We often go to cinema, circus, travel in a train or bus, dine in a restaurant, and most importantly go to hospitals when ill. What is the most common on these places? Any guess…My view is requirement is common in each place as we pay for it. We apply for passport where we see our nationality as Indian. Then it comes down a little and starts working out to be caste based certificates. The bottom-line ends as divided India. Do we ever think while watching movie sitting on cushion that who was sitting there before? A Hindu, Muslim, Dalit, or some Monkey. Do we ever ask in a restaurant that who had prepared the food in accordance to the religion or caste. Do we ever ask the caste, religion of the doctor who cures you and makes you able to stand and gives energy to come out and shout caste and religion based discriminative chants.

Take another view, while purchasing a SIM for your Phone your common questions will be –

Will this network provide a good service, network and will it be accommodated in budget. I hope everyone does.

But while choosing a government who will be having power to control you, will you consider the same questions? I am sure there are a bunch of people who do not care about this while closing the candidate but outcome is different in every election.

When a Dadri happens, sold media and fake intellectuals framed it to a Muslim angle, on same time Muslim are killed in Mecca and called Indians. Are we actual blind, do not we see who are giving this an angle to divert our unity. Reservation is in our constitution, we must respect it with no hesitations. But constitution was built 66 years ago, is there no up-gradation of Dalit in last 66 years so that they do not rely on reservation anymore? The answer is yes they were not. They became a vote bank and pawn to politicians to play a check mate game on black and white surface.

We are born on a land which has power, weather, people and man power. But unfortunately we are not able to sustain it. Or in another words we do not want to. Be an Indian, forget about your caste or religion, think of your children and see what you are giving them when they will be able to decide their future.

I lived in an Airforce atmosphere, saw my father saluting seniors without thinking of their caste or religion. Mostly greeting with Jai Hind. Keeping his Uniform tidy and this is what I used to see and thought probably this is what I should do as well. And I have no regret of it. I know if I am being disowned and avoided by every corner of the world it will be India who will accept me as its citizen.

So be proud of the land where you are born. And start uniting people, they might be helpful when you are in trouble.

“Remember if you stuck in a heavy rain, take my words you will run to the nearest shed and stand with the people without thinking of caste or religion. You may make some friends also there while waiting rain to stop. So this is the situation of our nation, an unethical political rain is here and we need to be under one shed unite and escaped.”

Zubina Ahmad