India-China stand off resolved, but Congress and media are greatly disappointed….Why?

The India-China stand off in the Doklam region continued for around 2 months with tension raising each day. If one would have noticed, media was hell bent to provoke the Indian and Chinese army and projected the situation as a stand off for war. Every channel was very excited to push India into war. But it was not just media who was signing the war tone, but it was same with Congress party.

Most leaders in the Congress party depicted the India-China standoff as a failure of the Modi government and mocked him over international diplomacy. This was the same tone highlighted by media and blamed Modi for the stand off.

Take a look at the tweets of the so called liberal journalists!

These are the same people who even supported the Congress’s stand when Rahul Gandhi secretly met the Chinese Envoy and then denied it later. But it was very clear that Congress was trying to gain major political benefit using India-China stand off. The reality was Congress never wanted the Doklam issue to be resolved as it would have given them ammunition to attack Modi government and claim it a failure of foreign policy.

The Congress government which is finding no issue or scams in the Modi government wants to rack up an issue to attack PM Modi. The meeting with Rahul Gandhi and Chinese Envoy during tense situation at border erupted huge controversy and questions on Congress role in escalating the problems at the border. Many defence and political analysts suspected Rahul Gandhi’s move in extending hand to a country which was constantly troubling India and supporting Pakistani terrorists.


So the intention was to use Chinese government and pressurize Indian government to pull back troops in Doklam region, this would have shown Indian government as weak and would have helped Congress set narrative against Modi government.

If the meeting with Chinese Envoy was transparent and official why did Congress try to hide it? More over, in no situation will any opposition party secretly meet other countries envoy when there is tense situation at border!

But now, the Modi government has  not just resolved Doklam standoff but has also made the Chinese remove their bulldozers in the area and put a break to road construction. This is  massive win for India both morally and diplomatically. India and Modi government have shown to the world that it will no longer back down like in Congress rule and will fight back for its rights!

Ajit Doval who was heading the NSA level talks between India and China is said to have spoken tough with China giving clear message that it was not 1962!

It is said that China’s state councillor Yang Jiechi bluntly asked national security adviser A K Doval on the presence of Indian troops at Doklam “Is this your territory?” to which Ajit Doval had replied “Does every disputed territory become China’s by default?”

So it was clear that India was in no mood to back down which has now made the Chinese fall in line. But this has turned bad news for Congress and all media who desperately wanted war. The same people who mocked PM Modi for not taking proper action against China, are now stunned and are crying for the lost opportunity.

They do not want to credit India or Modi government for their mature handling but instead want to play down the massive win. Rahul Gandhi who was questioning the Modi government on Doklam hasn’t tweeted a single congratulatory message but is happily enjoying in Norway!

Aishwarya S