Why Does India Hate Barkha Dutt and NDTV So Much??

Media is supposed to be the fourth pillar and so called watch dog. The duty of the media was to bring out hidden atrocities to light. However, it has now descended into a political tool used by those in power to manipulate public opinion. Make no mistake, media has the power to shape public opinion. Earlier people relied solely on print media for news and information. Later broadcast media joined the traditional print media in disseminating information. This made it easier for them to influence public opinion and there was hardly any scope for people to verify the authenticity of the information being presented. With the advent of social medial, however, traditional mainstream media was put under the scanner.

Mainstream media could no longer get away with just about anything. Their lies were and are still being exposed. Manipulation by the media is longer possible as social media acts as a watchdog for mainstream media. Among all the media houses and journalists NDTV and Barkha Dutt emerge as the most detested ones. There is surely something they are doing wrong that has rubbed nationalistic Indians the wrong way.

Misleading reporting

At a time when every little thing that one says can be easily scrutinised, it is simply appalling that neither Barkha Dutt nor NDTV bat an eyelid before presenting their biased views as news. The more they are confronted the more they become defensive exposing their anti-national nature. It is true that most of the media houses, especially English news channels, are overwhelmingly anti-India. However, NDTV and Barkha Dutt are a cut above the rest. There is not one news or event that they haven’t twisted to suit their propaganda.

It is all too well known that the Supreme Court had pulled up media houses in for telecasting the 2008 Mumbai attacks live. This compromise by them had led to casualties of Indian NSG soldiers. Even recently Barkha was seen on the borders with patrolling  Jawans. Is it just coincidence that she reveals exact Army camp location details in her tweets and attacks happen just a few days later? This is not the first time that NDTV has taken pro-Pakistan stance. Barkha rushed to the defence of Pakistani actors after the Uri attacks. It is high time we re-think whether NDTV is an Indian channel or a Pakistani one in the garb of Indian.

Barkha doesn’t care for our soldiers, but her heart cries of Pakistani artists

Note the language used to cover up Pakistani Terrorist, According to NDTV Uri-attack happened due to some un-named foreigners!



Her hatred for Hindus also has no limit. How appropriate is to mock someone’s belief? Does she mock secular religion also? Does she care to question the Triple Talaq?




These are just few of her hundred quotes mocking Indians, Hindus and taking stand against our own country. Her Time Line is filled with hate filled tweets against India and biased views.

She not only speaks against India, but also threatens all those who question her reporting, recently she threatened Post Card team of defamation case for questioning her reporting along LoC revealing sensitive information and jeopardizing National security.

SHOCKING: Did Barkha Dutt Show Way for Terrorists to Attack Pampore???

No channel and journalist advocates friendly ties with Pakistan as much as NDTV and Barkha Dutt do. Is it any surprise that most of the times Barkha echoes what Congress says? It would be worthwhile to note that she has been accused of lobbying in the 2G spectrum scam and her name cropped up in Nira Radia Tapes.

She even had spoken against India’s stand against Indus Water Treaty. Which Nationalist would speak against own country???

When one constantly takes an anti-national stance, it is only natural that patriotic Indians would be hurt and certainly protest against such bias. Barkha’s tweets are proof enough of which side of the border she speaks for. A person’s reputation precedes him or her and if Barkha is being hated then she is herself to be blamed for it.

After all this, these people question WHY THEY ARE CALLED ANTI-NATIONALS?!!!

Latha Iyer

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