Why Does India Hate Rajdeep Sardesai So Much???

His name is probably is known to everyone who watches English prime time news.  Rajdeep Sardesai who joined the main stream media  in the late 1990’s brought a different outlook for the boring and monotonous journalism. He was believed to be a man with new ideas who could introduce interactive way of journalism.

He was first working in NDTV and later got a better job and position in CNN-IBN in mid 2000’s. He name was quite familiar to almost all news lovers. News in early 2000’s which was considered as only an hourly update got a complete new face when 24*7 news channels were introduced. This introduction of 27*7 news not just exposed politicians but also some of the so called professional journalists!

Rajdeep was one of the journalist who got completely exposed and his popularity hit rock bottom due to his extreme hypocrisy, hate towards certain sections of society and his biased views against some political parties and leaders. He was criticized by his own admirers.

Of course there may be personal views of each individual and that cannot be questioned….But what Rajdeep evidently did was to bring in his personal hatred about few people in his news reporting and constantly mislead people with his baseless allegations and still called himself as a NEUTRAL anchor and his apolitical!

Does he really think people are fools that they don’t see the truth??

Rajdeep Sardesai’s animosity against few people has continued for over a decade. The best example is none other than Narendra Modi. Rajdeep was one person who wanted to insult Modi on every occasion and spread false propaganda against him even after 10-12 years after 2002. The most disgraceful act of Rajdeep was that he accused Modi for 2002 even after the SIT and Supreme Court had cleared Modi of all charges. He has this disgusting habit to rake up the ONLY issue of 2002 every opportunity he gets.

Even in the year 2012, when Narendra Modi was contesting Gujarat elections many reporters had interviewed him asking his strategy and what he intends to do further, but Rajdeep was one person who spent most of his time asking about 2002. In fact Rajdeep used the word 2002 and visa denial to America more than any Congress person had mentioned after the SIT gave me clean chit.

Even while he was interviewing a British MP who had invited Narendra Modi to UK for a business conference, Rajdeep kept reminding the British MP about 2002 riots. The British MP who was annoyed at a point of time told Rajdeep that the courts have exonerated Mr. Modi of all charges and there is nothing to talk about it now!!!

On camera, Rajdeep tries to pretend as a very decent gentleman, but on social media his real face is much evident.  He finds pleasure provoking people, making bigotry comments and cheap gimmicks to gain attention. In fact he is so short tempered and intolerant that he cannot take anyone criticizing him or commenting on him.

If one remembers how he had used “F” word and expressed his anger when many people accused him and his channel as PAID MEDIA. The tweet of Rajdeep went so viral that Amitabh Bachchan had tweeted against Rajdeep  and expressed shock  for using “F” word on a public forum.

Now take a look at how Rajdeep Sardesai who is so against Modi, acts like a slave towards Congress…Just a year back, the Supreme Court had exonerated P Chidambaram of few charges against him, immediately after which Rajdeep had tendered an open apology on the channel. But he doesn’t respect the Supreme Court’s order in Modi’s case. He should have probably apologized over 100 times for maligning the image of Modi even after Supreme Court’s order.


How can one forget his shameless act in New York during Narendra Modi’s visit after he became Prime Minister.  He had constantly abused Modi supporters calling them class-less and rowdies and had deliberately provoked the crowd. Rajdeep even physically assaulted many Modi supporters in New York, for which a case was registered by one of the person who was hit by Rajdeep.


Look at his provocative and hate filled tweets


His acts in New York were so outrageous that he earned him the title GOON journalist!

Zee news had made a program on his acts and analyzed how Rajdeep behaved very cheap and had provoked Modi supporters.

This is just 1% of what he does on daily basis. He calls himself a neutral journalist on what basis?? He has even abused many celebrities and bloggers for questioning his hypocrisy.


If one can support a person like Kanhaiya Kumar who had chanted Anti-India slogans in JNU campus and called our army jawans RAPISTS, then one may guess what really is Rajdeep Sardesai!!!

Aishwarya S


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