India hoists Tiranga near Indo-Pakistan border so high that everyone from Pakistan can see it!

India’s tallest flag has been hoisted, which is so high that it can be seen even from Pakistan. The flag which is the tallest was hoisted on Sunday in the Into-Pak Attari Border.

The flag is 360 foot tall and is nearest to Pakistan border. Punjab Minister Anil Joshi inaugurated the country’s largest tricolour on the tallest flag post – measuring 110 metres in length, 24 metres in width and 55 tons in weight.

“With the model code of conduct for the assembly elections being in place in the state, the minister got special permission from the Election Commission for the inauguration”, officials told PTI.  The total cost of Rs 3.50 crore has been spent, the post was a project of Amritsar Improvement Trust Authority of the Punjab Government.

This is the most proud moment for India to see the flag fly high even from Lahore in Pakistan. Just last year, the Central government had passed order saying that every central educational institute MUST hoist the Indian Flag after there was anti National events conducted in JNU where few people had raised Pro Pakistan slogans.

Now, we see the tallest flag of India, standing in the Indo-Pakistan border. This will definitely be a burnol moment for the Pakistanis have always tried to attack India through proxy war. Watching Indian flag from Pakistan’s Lahore is the last thing Pakis would want to see!

This flag has now become a major tourists attraction.

Aishwarya S