India is not led by Manmohan Singh but by PM Modi; Why China is so frustrated for the very first time?

Ever since Indian armed forces have stopped Chinese army personnel from constructing a road at India-Bhutan-china tri-junction, Chinese state media has launched a war of words. Hardly a day passes when Chinese are not cursing and spewing venom at New Delhi. Chinese state run media has launched full scale war of words against India. It has threatened India with dire consequences and Indian media has prominently given wide coverage to the Chinese threats at the behest of left leaning Lutyens journalists who are occupying coveted positions in the print and electronic media.

With each passing day, the tone of Chinese government and state controlled media has become shriller, with its defence ministry telling India not to test its patience. In the past few days Chinese media has gone a step further and given indications of a small scale conflict if India doesn’t withdraw its troops from the Doklam tri-juction.

Going by Chinese government and media’s reaction, it seems Beijing has not done its homework this time. It had not expected New Delhi to stand by its ally Bhutan. Beijing was under impression that like Manmohan led govt, some Minister from the incumbent govt will land in Beijing to sort out the issue and China would be able to stamp its authority of Super power in the region and Far East Asia where China is embroiled in multiple conflicts with its neighbours over South China Sea.

But the reverse has happened. The self proclaimed super power Bejing is shocked and finds itself in an embarrassing situation as India’s response has been measured and has remained unprovoked, despite Rahul Gandhi, V-P of grand old party of India calling on Chinese Ambassador. Despite shrill in the Chinese controlled media, Indian armed forces have not only prevented expansionist China from carrying out road construction at tri-junction but have not budged an inch.

Chinese media in this standoff has not forgotten to remind India that it had suffered defeat in the 1962 war, but Beijing intentionally forgets that India was betrayed by the idealism of its first PM Nehru—great grandfather of Rahul Gandhi.  India never fought the 1962 war. India under Nehru was never battle ready, despite warnings by its first Home Minister Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel—the Iron man of India.

Chinese media and govt must know that today’s India is not of 1962 as said by India’s Defence Minister. The Chinese Defence Ministry has said that New Delhi must not test its patience and that restraint has a bottom line. China which talks of limited conflict with New Delhi for the audacity to stop its soldiers from constructing a road at tri-junction must go through the history.  The aggressive Chinese govt must remember the outcome of the Third Indo-China war in 1979.

The Vietnam forces had entered Cambodia forcing Beijing to launch an offensive against Vietnam. Chinese leadership believed it was an attempt on the part of USSR to bring Cambodia under its influence by using Vietnam. Chinese forces crossed into the borders of Vietnam to teach it a lesson and occupied several cities to claim victory and said road to Hanoi was open before withdrawing its forces but China could not make defiant Vietnam to leave Cambodia. Vietnamese forces remained in Cambodia until 1989 and also emerged victorious in the eyes of World for withstanding arrogant china.

Immature and War monger Beijing must know Indian forces are far superior then the forces of 1979 Vietnam.  Beijing before undertaking any adventurism must know it had suffered a bloody blow in the 1967 conflict. Is Beijing ready to get humiliated in the 21st century?

It’s Beijing which needs to learn on how to behave with its neighbours. It can’t go on needling India by blocking New Delhi’s moves to get JeM Chief Azhar Mahmood declared an UN-designated terrorist. Beijing must not expect India will sit silent on the construction of CPEC corridor which runs through PoK—-a disputed territory between Indian and Pakistan. Beijing must not expect New Delhi to accept its OBOR project and expect Indian Oil companies not to do drilling activities in blocks allocated by Vietnam in South China Sea.  Beijing must accept that trespassing on the part of its armed forces reveals its expansionist mindset and India is well within its rights to take counter steps.

Manoj Sharma