India and Israel decides to save the world from Islamic radicalisation; Know the unwritten deal signed by PM Modi and Benjamin

When Prime Ministers of two nations meet, singing various deals have been a routine but this time no one is focusing on the deals signed. World has come to a conclusion that these two nations-India and Israel- have inked to an unwritten to deal to save its nation from the Islamic radicalisation.

More than focusing on the million dollar deals and agreements, both the nation is celebrating this visit as a festival. Yes, this is a festival because no Indian Prime Minister dared to visit Israel and the reason is clear. They wanted to appease a certain bunch of seculars.

India’s friendship with Israel is natural and very old. Israel is India’s natural ally so India must strengthen its relations with it for the following reasons.

  • ISIS and other Islamic radical organisations can be controlled by only 2 nations, India and China. Other global powers including USA have used these terrorist outfits according to their personal needs. Muslim terrorist organisations have been aiming to wash out Israel from the map, transform India into an Islamic state and carry out attacks on USA. So either we should rage a final war against terrorists or should perish from their attacks. Meanwhile the embrace of Modi and Netanyahu involves a far sightedness to wipe out terrorism.
  • Syrians, Babylonians, Romans and at last Hitler frequently tortured and killed several Jews. The Jews have a history of suffering and it was only one nation that sheltered Israelis safely and it is India. So as a sign of gratitude, Israeli prime Minister had tucked an Indian flag to his suit.
  • What is shocking is that India had to wait for 70 years to visit an old friend, Israel. The reason was both internal and external. Former PM’s were scared to visit Israel because it would hurt their vote bank politics. Yes, they thought Indian Muslims may get hurt due to Israel visit. Indians should bow their head in shame to know this. Bunch of seculars have soft corner towards Palestine and they would have protested. But thinking all Muslims will come out on streets was something an exaggerated foolish assumption.
  • Dr Subramanian Swamy said that as India was under the influence of Soviet Union, naturally India distanced itself from Israel. Apart from that India didn’t have any reason to maintain distance from Israel. We have a high amount of foreign trade with Arab nations and former PMs of India thought that it will take a hit if India joins hands with Israel. But Modi government has proved that India can maintain good relations with Arabs and Israel simultaneously.
  • Not only Defence relations, but India has to learn a lot from Israel in the field of Agriculture, technology, usage of sea water. For example, 2015-18 Indo-Israel agricultural action plans say that Israel has helped India in opening 26 centres that helped Haryana village farmers in adopting modern agricultural practises.

Israeli PM even welcomed Modi in his twitter handle in Hindi language and throughout the visit what was evident was overflowing friendship between the two leaders.

Modi visited “hall of names” built in remembrance of those who lost their lives in Hitler’s gas chamber.

Indians had helped Israel from getting free from the Turks. The victory was even more special as the Indian soldiers were armed only with lances (a kind of spear) and swords while the Turks had in their possession advance artillery and machine guns. The Indian troops displayed exemplary cavalry skills and valour during what was considered to be the last major cavalry campaign in military history. So “Haifa” memorial was built in remembrance of Indian soldiers. Modi even visited it.

So, during other nation visits, million dollar deals were given importance. But today a greater deal is been signed. A deal of friendship is signed; a bond which says that we will together wipe out Islamic terrorists, a deal which says that we will advance together in science and technology.

Credit: Chaitanya


Nishika Ram