Why did India Lose the 1962 War, Who Was Responsible for the Biggest Tactical Mistake???

This day, that year. 18th November, 1962. The Battle at Rezang La. The story of the brave, courageous and patriotic sons of Mother India who fought on and on till their last breath. 123 jawans killed 1836 Chinese soldiers. In spite of extreme geographical challenges! In spite of being unable to use artillery! 109 Indian jawans martyred. Major Shaitan Singh (IC 7990) who led the army was awarded Posthumous ‘Param Vir Chakra ‘for the bravery and self-sacrifice in the face of enemy. A heart-felt Tribute to all our soldiers on this sacred day of sacrifice and bravery.

But…but…when we look into the political background for Indo-China war of 1962, do we feel equally proud for our political leaders too?

I always believed that India was far superior to Pakistan in ideologies and strategies. Pakistan, just a couple of months after its formation exhibited its greed to extend its boundaries through war .But India too? The revealing facts about 1962 Sino-Indian war makes India hang its head in shame. It wasn’t China, but Nehru, who declared 1962 war. Of course we were not greedy and terror-loving like Pakistan. We were plain dumb. There was just a misunderstanding between India and China over the boundary lines and our PM Nehru wasn’t smart enough to resolve the issue by discussing it across the table. Makes no difference to the historical facts. For the world, India tried to grab Chinese land in 1962 and failed miserably. Thanks to Jawaharlal Nehru!

In 1963, two army officers Lt. General T.B. Henderson-Brooks and Brigadier P.S. Bhagat were asked to enquire into the tactical mistakes made in carrying out the war. For 50 long years, Government refused to release the report so as to cover the political blunders by PM Nehru in 1962 war. A journalist from that era named Neville Maxwell who possessed the copy of the Henderson-Brooks –Bhagat report, posted it online after the futile attempts to get it published in India for decades. But the website was promptly blocked, UPA  Defence Minister A.K.Antony told Lok Sabha in written reply that the blockage of the website was necessary as the report contained sensitive information. This is how Nehru dynasty has been protected and projected as per their convenience.

The biggest two blunders of Jawaharlal Nehru are POK and Himalayan Blunder. In POK, we lost a large chunk of Indian land to Pakistan in spite of victory. In the latter, we lost thousands of soldiers’ lives in an off-handed way. Jawaharlal Nehru was India’s longest serving Prime Minister (1947-1964). But we Indians are not permitted to analyze and study Nehru’s Prime Ministerial work. Historians and researchers are not permitted the access to original materials like letters and documents known as ‘Nehru Papers’. They are guarded protectively under lock in the Nehru Memorial Library and are the property of his family. History lovers are thrust with the partial ‘Selected Works of Jawaharlal Nehru (1947-1955) edited ‘properly’ by Nehruvian Historians!

But the passage of time cannot change the truth! PM Nehru was responsible for the diplomatic failure to arrive at solution with China. The legacy of cold war with China was inherited to India from British era. After Independence, our ‘elite’ and ‘Cambridge-educated’ PM Nehru could have had talks with China over the confusions in Maps and Boundaries.

The opportunity to settle things amicably was lost. The strategically disastrous ‘Forward Policy’ was shoved on our Army. Soldiers were at the mercy of Nehru’s folly and V.K. Krishna Menon’s egoistic and incompetent leadership. They were ordered to force themselves in Chinese Territory. Out-numbered , ill-equipped  and ill-prepared, our soldiers knew it was a lost battle. But there was no choice of disobedience as the orders had come from the top. If anyone, it’s Nehru whose hands are stained with the blood of our thousands of soldiers. Our soldiers sacrificed their lives in this suicidal battle unflinchingly. Hence Lt. Gen Henderson Brooks and Brig P.S. Bhagat have ruefully quoted the lines of this poem in their report-

“Someone had blundered:

  Theirs not to make reply ,

  Theirs not to reason why,

  Theirs but to do and die”

Jai Hind! Jai Jawan!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi