Why India should not trust Uzma Ahmad completely?

By looking at the headline some may prejudge the article to be just a hit job against Uzma Ahmad. But we should first understand that in the current scenario Pakistan can never be trusted at any circumstances. The terror country which is unable to attack India from front, is indulging in all sort of tricks to destabilize the country from within.

This is exactly why the separatists in Kashmir, so called intellectuals and human rights activists have become active extending open support to Pakistan and terrorists. Pak very well knows that it is being isolated in the global world and unable to rein the terrorists since their ideology is nothing different than terrorists.

Recently the entire country heard the news about a Uzma Ahmad, the lady who claimed that she was forced to marry at gunpoint in Pakistan.

But the whole story starts in Malaysia. According to Uzam, she met a man called Tahir Ali, in Malaysia and fell in love with him. They decided to move to Pakistan from Wagah border on May 1. But no body knows when she met this man Tahir Ali, and how long did they know each other for.

So once they move to Pakistan, they decided to get married on May 3 and Nikah was arranged. But according to Uzma, she was forced to marry at gun point and was also raped by her husband at gunpoint. But if she never wanted to marry Tahir ali, then why did Uzma went to Pakistan? Why dint she oppose traveling with him? If she was already married and had husband and kid in India, why did she move to Pakistan with another man?!

But on May 5th, she approached the Indian High Commission and did not want to leave the building as she claimed she was subjected to torture by her husband. But according to Pakistan High Commission, Uzma had obtained visa to enter Pakistan on a visit category and did not reveal her plans to marry Tahir Ali. On visa papers Uzma claimed that her trip to Pakistan was to meet her relatives.

There are few things which are very suspicious and do not add up! Some top officials in the government say that she was married 5 times before, and had 4 kids from previous marriages. However nobody has provided any proof on the matter. The other shocking information is that she is said to be married to a Congress MLA’s son before. Uzma’s father is said to be living in Netherlands and her travel to other countries is said to be quite common.

However the biggest suspicion came when her marriage video was released by Saama TV.


But we don’t know how far the video is authentic!

But all these big developments happened in a span of 20 days and specially when the relation with Pakistan and India is at its worst. There are many instance before, where women were sent by Pakistan ISI as spy agents to India to carry out many terror activities and gather information.

Given the fact that nothing is clear in Uzma’s matter, India should always be alert and careful before we trust anyone completely. India should not repent later reacting to situation emotionally.

Source: https://99wiki.com/uzma-ahmed-isi-agent/

Aishwarya S