India now attacks the ring master of Pakistan! Indian Traders decide to give a hammer blower to China by boycotting Chinese products

The after effects of the deadly Pulwama Attack witnessed many significant moves and changes. The whole world stands together hand in hand with each other against the terror sponsoring nation Pakistan and the nation supporting it. Every individual and organization has cut their ties with the Terror Sponsored nations and has done whatever they can do to support the nation.

After the much awaited decision of banning Pakistani Actors by Bollywood now another significant and good move is being witnessed by the trade organizations of the nation which have decided that they will boycott the Chinese products. Yes! The trade organizations have decided that they will completely stop buying any Chinese products and boycott them completely.

According to reports, The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) called for a Bharat Trade bandh on Monday 18th February and also called for boycotting Chinese goods to pay homage and tribute to those martyred in the Pulwama attack. Commercial markets across the country including Delhi were closed and no business activity took place on February 18. The Indian traders body issued a statement which read, “In the wake of China supporting Pakistan, the CAIT has decided to launch a national campaign to boycott Chinese goods.”

China has always supported the founding head of Jaish E Mohammad Masood Azhar whose terror output is responsible for the dreadful Pulwama terror attack. JeM has been blacklisted by the United Nations Security Council of which China is a permanent member (one of the five members empowered to exercise veto any UN action). But it is China which is preventing the terror nation and the organization by not voting against them. All other permanent member countries of the United Nations Security Council have accepted Pakistan terror involvement in India except China. So directly or indirectly China is supporting Pakistan for strengthening its own interest in the region.

China and India are major trading partners. And when it comes to Chinese imports into India, Beijing holds a major advantage. A major dip in Chinese imports to India will hurt the Chinese economy in a substantial manner. In the month of October 2016, there was a similar call for boycott and the Chinese goods sale had dipped by 40 percent. If this gets replicated over a long period of time, China will lose out to a great extent.

So it is now time to show China its real place by boycotting Chinese Goods. We as a citizen should also join this movement and stop buying any Chinese goods. If we do this we are also funding the terror raised in Pakistan. China must be made to understand that it cannot play around with India which happens to be an emerging power on the global horizon.

Source : RightLog