India Offers Shelter for Thousands of Afghan Blast Victims

Fifty Thousand Afghan Blast Victims being Treated in Delhi

New Delhi: Several injured Hajara Shia Muslim Community people of Afghanistan are being treated in two hospitals of Delhi who were injured in bomb blasts that occurred in Kabul on July 23, 2016. They were injured in the explosions of two human bomb while they protesting at Deh Mazang Square in Kabul against the government policy of bypassing the TUTAP Mega Power Project from the Hajara region in Afghanistan.

Around a million Hajara people gathered to protest this government decision. Hajara Shia community is the third largest ethnic community of the country. Around 45 injured Afghans have already reached Delhi and getting treated here. Some of them even got discharged from the hospital after treatment. However, soon 25 more will be gradually coming to Delhi and this may further go up. The protest at Deh Mazang Square was organized by the Enlightened Group of the Hajara Muslim community. One of the injured Hajara Muslim leaders Zulfiqar Khan Omid said that the number of injured people coming to India might go further up. Even the External Affairs ministry of India has offered to bear cost of the treatment of a few injured people.

Omid said that it was a peaceful protest where protesters offered flowers to the policemen present there but deployment of the police forces was so thin that when blast took place there was a chaos all around and such thing was bound to happen. When the fidayeen attack took place, no assistance was provided for long. People were left to die there. Around 140 people were killed in this attack and 236 people were injured out of that a big number of them are getting treated here in Delhi.  The two hospitals where these Afghans are getting treated included BLK Super Specialty Hospital and Max Smart Super Specialty Hospital Saket, Delhi

TUTAP (Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan) Mega Power Project is helped by Asian Development and World Bank. Now Pakistan is out of this project. The protest was organized by the Hajara people as the government is keeping benefits of development away from the Hazara people by changing its rout, they claimed. The Hajara people had told the Afghanistan government that if it does not take any decision and culprits of the blasts are not brought to book, Hajara people would sit on hunger strike at the same place.

They said that the plan is ready and Hajara people in Afghanistan would start their hunger strike from September 2. A German company Fishmen is involved with this project. The government was saying that there were hands of either ISIS or Taliban but no conclusive proof has been found that there was involvement of these organizations. These people want intervention of the PM Narendra Modi in this regard and they are seeking his appointment as well.