India Raises Voice for Balochistan Who has kept Faith in India”™s Support for their Fight

It was for the first time, in 2016, any Indian Prime Minister mentioned about the disturbed areas like Baluchistan and Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) in Independence Day speech. Prime Minister Narendra Modi dared to talk about these issues and also reiterated that India will support the cause of Baluchistan. This was a very strong signal for Pakistan that India is considering the issue seriously. It was well appreciated by Balochi people too. As the next step towards greater engagement with Balochis, India is upgrading All India Radio (AIR) service in Balochi language which is running since May, 1974.

India not only aims to connect with the people who are residing in Baluchistan, but also Balochi diaspora through website and mobile app in Balochi language along with its shortwave transmission. This will help in better reception quality throughout the world. Both website and mobile app will be launched today.

Recently, DD News had interviewed Brahumdagh Bugti, leader of the Baloch Republican Party in Geneva.

This open engagement with Baluchistan clearly shows that India has considered China ““ Pakistan Economic Corridor as well as Pakistani incitement of violence in Kashmir very seriously. It will also help India in its ambitious North ““ South corridor which is connecting Russia with India.

India is involving more with Baluchistan not only because to contain Pakistan in Kashmir but also because of historical ties with it. The original land of India included Balochistan. Moreover, the treatment given by Pakistani government to the people of Balochistan is a human right concern. It is right for India to raise voice for Balochi people who have kept faith in India”™s support for their fight.

In the coming days, India is expected to enhance people to people ties between the country and Balochi region. The public broadcasters like AIR and DD News will help in showing the real situation in Baluchistan to the rest of the country.

Akshara Damle

You can reach the author on Twitter @aksharadamle