India Redefines Foreign Policy — BRICS 2016

BRICS is an Association of Emerging National Economies compromising of Brazil, Russia, India, China South Africa. it was initially formulated in 2001 by Economist JimO’Neill of Goldman Sachs. In 2006, the four Countries initiated a regular informal diplomatic co-ordination with annual meetings of Foreign Ministers at the margins of the General Debate of the UN General Assembly.


BRICS summit in Goa had been spoken worldwide & has been given due importance because of Pakistan’s proxy war at Kashmir terrorist attack on Indian Army by all terrorist groups sponsored by our neighbour — Pakistan. .India had isolated Pak  internationally & SAARC SUMMIT at Islamabad was cancelled.

BRICS2017 in Goa, India Russia had inked 16 Agreements in totality, covering a w3ide range of areas New version of Brahmos Missile, S-400 Triumf, in the fields of Nuclear Energy, Solar Energy, Defence, Power, Shipbuilding & Space .PM Modiji  & Russian President Vladimir Putin also laid foundations of units 3&4 of Kudanakulam Nuclear Plant via Video Conferencing. Pm Modiji called Russia as an old friend & stressed the need for a Military &  Industrial conference that will allow stakeholders on both sides to Institute & Collaborate. This is 8th BRICS Summit. Representatives of BIMSTEC Countries were also present @ the Summit. This year’s Summit is themed on Building, Responsiveness, Collectiveness, Inclusiveness.

Pakistan with whom India is currently having tension is likely was the flavor of the summit. One of the major deals signed between 2 countries is the S-400 Air Defence System. There was a recognition that terrorism is not only India’s Issue but a Global phenomenon. India Expressed gratitude towards Russia for unequivocal support in the  terror attack on URI on our Indian Army. To Isolate Pakistan further- PM Modi labels Pakistan as Mothership of terrorism, n also clearly stated the fact that- Pakistan shelters terrorists & urges BRICS must stand & Act together to combat terrorism attacking Human Race.

India & China in BRICS SUMMIT In Goa alluded to the fact to narrow down their differences, co-ordinating more closely for Trade & Investment & working towards Peace & Tranquillity. 1st round of NSG membership issue was also raised here. PM Modi also clearly asserted the fact that China has done a lot of work towards BRICS.NDB —China played a vital role in shaping NDB  into a Global Institution, & Lauded for Chairmanship of BRICS & BIMSTEC.

Both India & China laid a roadmap for long term plan for combating terrorism, & also countries like Bangladesh, Myanmar, Afghanistan were also affected by terrorism. Chinese Premier XI PING also agreed with India in Principle. Both the countries signed agreements for Trade & Investment.—Railways, Industrial Parks, Higher Education, Vocational Education, Space, etc.PM Modi also clearly stated that meeting with China was fruitful.

Regarding South Africa it’s a friendly partner for India. It’s a KARMABHOOMI for Mahatma Gandhi. PM Modi concluded with SA in BRICS grouping with SA by signing an agreement for Renewable Energy, Higher Education with president Zuma. Terrorism needs global Action. they also signed on other Trade & Investment – Mining Energy, hydrocarbon, deep mining would be explored. IBSA was invigorated.

BIMSTEC leaders observe a minutes in memory of the late King of Thailand. During the bilateral talks, Bhutan PM further said that in the aftermath of URI Attack, Bhutan stands with India

PM Modi & Sri Lanka President reviewed the development Partnership of both Nations during bilateral talks. PM Modi  & Myanmar Minister Aung San Suu Kyi one of the BIMSTEC leaders jointly condemned terror.  PM Modi also met his counterpart with Nepal PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal & Bangladesh counterpart Sheikh Hasina

BRICS Business Council has a key role in strengthening Trade & Business opportunities, building investment linkages & promoting Innovation.

PM Modi concluded BRICS Goa Declaration He thanked all the fellow leaders for their unqualified support in ensuring a successful 8th BRICS Summit- PM Modi also stressed the fact  “ we are organizing more than hundred activities taking BRICS to diverse geographies across our countries as people to people contacts are vital. He also stressed on the fact  that BRICS is committed to strengthen our consultations & co-operation on Peace & Security matters. Commended NDB on completion of 1st year. We agreed that it should continue to focus on Infrastructure, tech.& Renewable Energy sectors.

PM Modi also welcomed the early entry into force of the Paris Climate agreement, India was proud to ratify it on 2nd of Oct. Most importantly he thanked all the countries unanimous in recognising the threat that terrorism, extremism,& radicalisation presents, recognising the need for Global peace, stability & Economic Prosperity, he also clearly stated the fact that Business communities are strongest proponents for closer & faster commercial co-operation. Their partnership creates more wealth & Value in our Societies.

Happy to share that we have adopted Goa Declaration that lays down a comprehensive framework for co-operation said PM Modi. He also congratulated China & offered full support  as they take over the Presidency next year. PM Modi said Common vision & Collective action, will create & sustain deeper bonds among BRICS Nations. He also stressed the need to fight Tax Evasion, Black Money & Corruption

PM MODI’s 5 Goals from Goa Meet:

  1. The process of institution building in BRICS must continue to remain a focus area, enabling flexibility & freedom
  2. Transform the quantum & quality of Trade & Investment linkages
  3. Economic Transformation.
  4. Secure our societies, by countering Terrorism
  5. Thriving people to people exchanges is the life blood of BRICS

In conclusion, PM Modiji reiterated the need to combat terrorism with increased cooperation between BRICS and BIMSTEC countries and to isolate the Mothership of terrorismPakistan

Dr.S.Sukanya Iyer