India and Russia join hands to build modern day “Sudarshan Chakra”…Check what it is!

BrahMos Aerospace is taking inspiration from Lord Krishna’s divine weapon the Sudarshan Chakra to create ‘boomerang’ missiles. Hypersonic reusable BrahMos missiles – that’s what India-Russia are working to develop.

Sudhir Kumar Mishra, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BrahMos, said that going at a speed of more than Mach 10, the boomerang missile would have the capacity to deliver the warhead, assess the destruction of target, come back & get ready to go again.

It is said that this was a dream project of late President APJ Abdul Kalam. Sudhir Mishra elaborated on the point, “The late President APJ Abdul Kalam, also known as Missile Man, had dreamt of a high-end missile programme that could be reused, as the Sudarshan Chakra is believed to be. It is a highly challenging project but the technological advancements by Indian scientists in the field.

What was the Sudarshan Chakra?

It was a divine weapon that had the ability to destroyed its enemy & return to the attacker. So, even after the launch it remained within the control of the warrior. It travelled along the path of zero stress nature & could reach anywhere within a moment. It was silent & when an obstruction was created in its way, the speed of the discus amplified.

Even though developing something of this nature will take time, but if the BrahMos Aerospace is able to develop it successfully then it will be nothing short of a miracle in the field of missiles.

Currently, the BrahMos missile has a range of 290-km with a speed close to 3 Mach. Already work is underway to raise its speed to 5 Mach with a range of almost 600-km in the next two to three years which would then be categorized as hypersonic. This alone will raise India’s both offensive &deterrent capabilities significantly.

The BrahMos is a class apart when it comes to supersonic missiles. It can be launched from land & sea, & now India can also launch it from Sukhoi fighter jets. The impact that this missile has can be ascertained from China’s immediate reaction to the action of the government deploying these missiles in Arunachal Pradesh. China warned India against doing so, but the Indian leadership stayed put on its decision.

Vinayak Jain