India started testing weapon locating Radar at LoC, suddenly Pakistanis stopped artillery firing across border…read why!

Cross border terrorism has always been handled with courage by our soldiers. We have defeated our enemy across LOC many times, but their hunger for war does not stop. After the Uri attacks, the Indian army left Pakistan dumbfounded. Our surgical strikes destroyed the enemy camps across the border. Yet, it left Pakistan speechless. They had no spine to acknowledge that there were terrorist’s camps on their soil. Their nation was left with no answer and no other option but to continue their coward acts.

The Indian army was expecting Pakistan to do exactly what they always do-increase cross border firing, shelling, and use every mean to take revenge on us. So did Pakistan succeed in killing our brave soldiers at the magnitude we did? Were they able to take their revenge on us by causing us more harm? Well, as we all know, there has been no heavy development across the border. This is all thanks to our brave soldiers, who are guarding the Indian public with unmatched flair to tackle the enemy.

However, one of the basic rules of any war- is never underestimate the enemy. And knowing Pakistan, we knew they will attack us (across the border) with all their willful mighty, even if it means to resorting to unlawful channels.

How much is India prepared now?

Under the present government rule, the defence sector in India has been shining. It has been much talked about, as PM Modi has been increased defence budget allocation, and is making all efforts to equip our soldiers with advanced equipment. You will be surprised to know how much potential we hold- we have had the will and now, we have the equipment to destroy the enemy-right where they are standing to attack us.

The Indian Army will be given Swati. It is a weapon locating radar developed by the DRDO.  According to defence minister Manohar Parrikar, this deployment of Swati will help to tackle cross-border artillery firing to a great extent.

Swati will be the ace equipment, which will help our soldiers to track artillery firing from Pakistan. During the testing phase, there were four radars deployed on the LOC. The trial mission was successful. It has sacred the wits of Pakistan as the shelling has significantly reduced. It is further reported that Indian Army will receive thirty more radars, after they ordered it.

Yet, it is not as simple as we think. If you think this is just smart technology to defend, think again. Swati is our technological strength to bring Pakistan down to their knees. Swati is our ace card to bring the unaccounted culprits to books. Swati will give the Indian Army access to the enemy’s exact location-if they still resort to shelling. We will know our exact target, and be able to give it back to them-like an egg (shelling) on their face.  

According to a defence source:

The radars have been on the LoC for two months now for trials. Artillery fire has gone down.”

Swati, the weapon locating radar, has been developed by the Electronic and Radar Development Establishment of DRDO. It provides fast and accurate location of enemy artillery including shells, mortars and rockets. It is also capable of guiding fire from an artillery gun attached to it, thus ensuring the destruction of enemy.

Applauding the scientists behind such a creation, Manohar Parrikar said:

“Swati could be a great equipment to ensure adversaries do not use artillery fire. If the LoC is devoid of any artillery fire in the near future, you can be sure Swati radar has gone there.”

Terming the radar as created out of “passive array”, the minister also suggested the DRDO to develop a radar using “active array” in a couple of years.

He further congratulated DRDO for the successful trial of successful trial of exo-atmospheric Prithvi Defence Vehicle (PDV) interceptor missile and endo-atmospheric Advanced Air Defence missile, and said:

“Last year has been very fruitful for the DRDO. There were around 25 missile tests… usually they get criticism.”

Pooja Bhatia**