India Starts Mission….Detect, Delete & Deport Two Crore Illegal Bangladeshi Migrants!

Bhartiya Janta Party was the only party who raised the issue of Assam own Identity as demographic change was evident in the regime of Congress. Congress just to create its vote bank continuously allowing Illegal Migrants from Bangladesh to enter Assam. They not only migrated and start living but Government also facilitated them with Ration Card, Aadhar and PAN Card kind of documents making them indirectly Indian Citizen. Culture and Civilization of Assam was in brink of loosing its existence.
During Assam Election, Current Finance Minister raised this issue in his every rally and ensured that his government will deport all illegal migrants. Standing Tall in his promise, Government started this project of Detect – Delete – Deport.Indian officials are registering Bangladeshi residents in the state of Assam in an apparent bid to reduce the Muslim population.
“The Hindu rate of population growth is declining. But the Muslim rate is rising. Most of the Muslims here are from Bangladesh. If this continues, the Assamese Hindus will become a minority soon — we will lose our language, our culture, our identity,” Assam’s finance minister told The Washington Post.
Assam shares a long border with Bangladesh, with much of it consisting of wetlands easily crossed by boat which makes this state vulnerable.
The registration and deportation effort is known as “detect-delete-deport.” Indian officials are now concerned that Bangladeshi Islamic terrorist organizations, like the Islamic State, can infiltrate India by posing as illegal immigrants. Officials say detecting illegal immigrants from Bangladesh will be exceedingly difficult, as some have false identity papers and have even voted.
“As soon as they arrive, their priority is to enter their names into the voter list somehow. They forge all kinds of documents and pay bribes for this,” an Indian judicial official confirmed.
After digitizing Indian census data, officials discovered 31 people who were claiming to be the child of a single man, and another large group claimed the same woman as their mother. Claimants’ birth dates make it impossible for the mother to be legitimately connected to them all, prompting an investigation by Indian officials.
“There are so many of them spread all over the state. We are anxiously waiting for the government to finish its paperwork and uproot them,” a Hindu resident of Assam lamented to The Washington Post.
India and Bangladesh have no official treaty outlining repatriation processes. The Bangladeshi government accepted 10 deported illegal citizens for the first time in early November.
Hemanta Biswa Sharma is leading the charge of this most important yet sensitive task. It is a difficult task to detect but now Government has started the detection task which is a very welcome step.

Abhishek Kumar


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