India Today Survey: Is PM Modi popularity intact, who would become the Prime Minister if elections were held today?

It was earlier in 2014 general elections, when people poured their support for Narendra Modi, to designate him the next PM.  BJP won by a clear majority as it promised an optimistic outlook-of development. A mid-term poll by India Today Group again shows a clear majority victory of BJP. It is the supreme leadership of Narendra Modi which projects a landslide victory for the party again.

Sample this. 65% voiced their opinion in favor of Narendra Modi as the next PM. The next contender for general elections in 2019, Rahul Gandhi had a meager 10% support. There are more people in the 2% (support) bracket, with likes of Arvind Kejriwal, Mamata Banerjee, Nitish Kumar, and Priyanka Gandhi.

Narendra Modi is best suited to be India’s next Prime Minister and the ruling National Democratic Alliance led by him would romp to power with 360 seats if Lok Sabha elections were held now. These are the principal findings of the latest India Today Mood of the Nation opinion poll.

The PM’s score has gone up 15 percentage points, is the highest ever in the past six surveys, and has grown across all religions in the last three opinion polls. PM Modi also leads his nearest rival- Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi– by 55 percentage points.

A total of 12,143 interviews were carried out (53% in rural & 47% in urban), spread across 97 parliamentary constituencies in 194 assembly seats.

Key takeaways

Government’s initiative of demonetization has given it huge mass support. PM Modi continues to enjoy his reputation as a development icon and, is an anti-corruption crusader too.

PM Modi was always attacked by the opposition, for being a suit-boot ki sarkar. Modiji has now gained immense popularity as a pro-poor leader, by taking out cash from the rich people’s vaults.

“PM is a Dabang leader,” says Rajdeep Sardesai. He is a charismatic leader, who is practically unopposed in terms of strong communication, and his narrative. The opposition, till now, is focused on pulling PM Modi’s strings; which has had an opposite reaction so far. PM is only gaining more admiration, as political parties target to malign him. Only 18 per cent respondents believe that the BJP and its allies are disrupting the functioning of the two Houses, says the survey.

The surgical strikes by Modi sarkar have earned him wide-spread admiration too. He is the one who dared. His continuous investments in Indian defense systems, is widely appreciated. In addition, Kashmir has never before seen such silence, in the past few decades. Only yesterday, on 26th January, there was a group of people shouting ‘Jai-Hind’ and ‘Mera Bharat Mahan’ in Srinagar. There were no anti-India slogans.

Also, PM enjoys a strong mindset connect with people. His plea to people, to give up LPG subsidy received a whopping support. Will you do it if any other political leader will say it? The Modi government’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is its most popular initiative with the endorsement of 27 per cent of the respondents. With 16 per cent votes, Jan Dhan Yojana was the second most successful programme, followed by Digital India at 12 per cent, as confirmed in the survey.

Read the complete survey details on http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/india-today-mood-of-the-nation-demonetisation-note-ban-prime-minister/1/867563.html

Pooja  Bhatia