In India, tolerant people issue Fatwa against the Prime Minister for fighting against corruption!

For the first time, I agree! Intolerance has reached its peak in India! This is an attempt to murder Democracy! Fatwa on the Prime Minister of India for ‘Demonetization’!!! “Modi Hatao, Mamata Lao” slogan against the democratically elected PM with HUGE mandate! In the World’s Largest Democracy!

Mamata Banerjee is undoubtedly the biggest victim of Demonetization. The West Bengal CM has lost all her sanity since PM Modi announced his Historic move of Demonetization! Her first shrill cry of agony said it all.

Mamata’s Demonetization Woes go on! What an infliction PM Modi must have caused on her through this Note Ban! A bunch of Jawans in the vicinity scares her stiff! A delayed Plane landing due to Technical issues gives her hallucinations that it’s a conspiracy to kill her! Her desperate outcry to remove PM Modi from his PM post sound like a brat’s howl! And now this! Mamata’s Chief Political Advisor and Mentor, the Imam of the Tipu Sultan Masjid in Tollygunge, Kolkata , Nurur Rehman Barkati issues a Fatwa against PM Modi , offering a reward of Rs 25 Lakh to anyone who cuts off PM Modi’s beard, shave his head and smear with black ink! Fatwa for harassing Mamata through Demonetization! Watch the video of the Imam’s ranting Fatwa and TMC MP Idris Ali applauding at the announcement on the stage!


The Imams owe Mamata a lot! Thanks to Mamata, this Imam Barkati could arrange a Mourning procession on the death of the Global Terrorist Osama Bin Laden in 2011! Mamata even suffered a reprimand by Supreme Court for granting Rs 2500 as Stipend to Imams. Just a phone call to Mamata Bano from Imam and she put a ban on Salman Rushdi’s entry into Kolkata. Recently, a Seminar in Kolkata Club on 7th January was cancelled by Mamata as the topic of debate was ‘Saga of Jammu and Kashmir and Baluchistan’. Among the invitees were Tarek Fatah and General G. D. Bakshi. This is how Mamata pampers her Muslim Vote-bank!

Mamata Banerjee openly supports Pakistan, Bans Major Gen. G D Bakshi’s talk on ‘J&K and Balochistan’!

Mamata has allowed illegal infiltrations of Bangladeshi Muslims which is resulting in massive Demographic changes. Thanks to Mamata’s political support, the Muslims in West Bengal are evacuating Hindus by burning their houses, looting their possessions and torturing them. The places like Khagragarh, Kaliachak and Dhulagarh have undergone a Mass exodus of Hindus. When Social Media and Mainstream Media questions Mamata Banerjee’s TMC about the Hindu atrocities, TMC files unbailable FIR on News Channels for covering their private atrocities! Muslims and their Imams are having a gala time of unquestioned ruling in West Bengal!

Did Mamata Banerjee File Case Against Zee News Sudhir Chowdhary on Behest of Arvind Kejriwal??

As expected, all the Secular Brigade and Paid Media have maintained pin drop silence on the Fatwa on PM Modi. They believe in Mute Support to Minority Issues as a basic Rule of Secularism! BJP has filed an FIR against Imam Barkati. In his statement to Zee news, Barkati said he stood by his speech. The question is why the delay in arresting Imam Barkati when there is a Video proof of his Crime?  Imagine if this incident had happened in the USA, UK or Russia! In all the countries in the world, if anyone passes a derogatory remark on the President and Prime Minister, a strict action is promptly taken. This atrocity against the Prime Minister can happen only in India!

Which Religious Guru instigates the misguided Radical followers to perform the heinous act as described in Fatwa by the temptation of a huge sum like Rs 25 Lakh ? Does he deserve a respect from his followers? And with cashless economy in transit, does Mamata’s friend, Imam Barkati promise a digital payment of the reward money? We know the fact that Imams are raising their voice for a stipend of Rs 2500/-. In such Scenario, who is actually going to fund this crime?

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi