A Complete Lockdown Of 21 Days- For Ourselves; For Our Own Future! Highlights Of Prime Minister Modi’s Address To The Nation!

In the view of the wild spread of corona virus, Narendra Modi made a speech today. Here are the bulletin points we need to follow so as to save ourselves from the deadly disease (also the virus within ourselves)

  • We solemnly took an oath to stay at home on 22nd March. I’m here to appreciate you for your kind cooperation.
  • Everyone (young, going adults, children) took part in this movement.
  • Your support for that 1 day showed the world that India is capable of fighting against any challenge thrown upon it.I applaud you for your support.
  • Experts have said that social distancing is the only way out to come out of this situation.
  • There are people who still do not understand the seriousness of this lockdown. One person can affect many more which will leave us in this vicious cycle. This lockdown is for everyone including me.
  • We do not understand the future lying ahead. It will only jeopardise us to such an extent that you can’t even imagine. State government have to take it seriously.
  • Looking at this calamity, we are taking an important decision to have sampoorna lockdown.
  • From midnight 12’0 clock , people have to support us by staying at home. Therefore, saving yourself, your family and India.
  • It is the next step of Janta curfew which needs to be taken seriously. Economy has to take a backseat. For us India and every Indian is utmost important.
“For the next 21 days you will have to stay at home.If these 21 days are not taken seriously, we will be dragged behind by 21 years.We will go back to the old state of India.”


  • We need to put Lakhman Rekha and make sure that we don’t cross that line. One step outside can bring virus to your home.
  • The body takes long time to find the symptoms of this virus therefore spreading like a wildfire.
  • Countries like America, Italy have best medical facilities but still not able to control.
  • These countries (America,Italy, Spain) have chosen to completely lockdown themselves to stop this spread.

“It’s time to be patient.”

  • Please pray for those who are working for you. They are risking their lives to help you to be safe.
  • Think of those police officers who are leaving behind their family to save you.
  • We as a government have decided to allocate 15,000 crore for all the necessary medical health facilities.

“Don’t believe in rumours or superstition.”

  • Please don’t take any medicine without doctor’s prescription.

“I’m confident that India will fight challenge.”


Anagha Mahishi








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