India Vikas-Ki Aur!

Indians salute a Leader -PM Narendra Modi who has Intent to Ideals, Ideals to Ideas, Ideas to Actions, from Red Tapism to Red Carpet. A leader full  of conviction to serve his country & countrymen. PM Modi since he became the leader of our Nation, had only one Agenda of VIKAS ( development), usage of Positive words – Transforming, Powerful, Vibrant & Progressive Economy making India a global Force to reckon with. On 15th of August 2014, he declared the flagship program of constructing toilets for Girls in the rural areas & every school in the rural areas too. Many Corporates like TCS, Godrej & Mahindra & Mahindra immediately pledged the support for this cause declared by our PM Modi from the ramparts of Red Fort. He also declared another flagship program of “Beti Bachao, Beti Padano, Beit Bada, Beit koi helmed”, towards stopping of female infanticide.
In the same year, he declared another Program on 2nd October on Gandhi Jayantha, SWACHCH BHARAT ABHIYAAN, a cleanliness drive started by him, for a cleaner, Greener Environment & make India a better place to stay on this Planet Earth. Another historical law per constitution was Passed with the combined effort of both the houses of Parliament was GST ON 8TH OF AUGUST. For the first time, ever a leader of the Nation is in touch with his countrymen through his voice spreading across Indian states through MANN KI BAAT aired through Radio channels where every Indian can participate in the form of a dialogue with our Leader.
Indians saw a revolution where every student after finishing their graduation wanted to establish their career in their own terms realising their potential latent talents inherent in them. PM Modi realising the need of the hour, cry of the hour declared another flagship program of his – MAKE IN INDIA, where in people’s Ideas were converted into reality. Many Investments came from Foreign & local Investors in supporting this Initiative. On May 1st 2016, during his visit to Ballia district in UP PM launched Pradhan Mantra Ujamaa Yojana with an aim of providing 5 crores. Free cooking gas (LPG) connections to all families below the poverty line, over the next 3yrs till 2019. It would also include offering a subsidy in The JAN DHAN accounts of the family’s women head to curb any chances of corruption. Rural Electrification under Deendayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana for rural Electrification, wherein Ministry of Power has sanctioned 921 projects to electrify –   Out of 1,21,225 un-electrified villages – 3,20,185 have been electrified & 220.63 lakh free electricity connections have been released to BPL households. He emphasizes Digital Transformation to move towards digitally equipped Economy. In Another initiative of his flagship program – Estuarian program of Rest. 50,000cr. For construction of bridges on National Highway for seamless travel. PMModi has also revived & Restored Maritime sector7,500km coastline engineering the growth process. He further implemented 3fold Gold schemes for Mobilisation of savings for their precious metal to earn Interest. Under the flagship project of PM Modi’s social security scheme launched in Kolkata has selected 2508 cities across 26 states &Union territories -2cr. Homes by 2022.
Soil Health card for farmers to help improve their Productivity & Review the health of soil. Achievement Tracking -Its Online Monitoring Accessed by PMO/CABINET SECRETARY.
PM Modi also gave due importance to cutting Edge Science, gave approval for LIGO-INDIA Project. Restarting on cold fusion Research by a group of scientists.Rejig of air defense system-Mr. Parrikar defence min reviewed 15yr old project resulted in savings of Rs.50,000 cr.new generation of reforms for railways by Railways MinisterMr.suresh Prabhu with his smart management skill declared all tenders of non-central dealing with 1zone engineered SADAK App was Launched to help & facilitate citizens from rural to urban areas to click photoshoots of Roads n other poor infrastructure in that App can be sent directly to GOI. Several other schemes of all sectors in all Indian states for overall & Balanced Regional Development & believing in one success Mantra SABKASAATHSABKAVIKAS. Recent biggest move by our PM Modi to conduct SURGICAL STRIKES by our Armed forces to give a fitting reply to terror sponsored state Pakistan & walked the talk through his 3 pronged strategies Politically, strategically, Militarily- isolating Pakistan internationally @UNGASummit.
PM Modi works tirelessly for the Nation to move towards Vikas through his developmental Agendas for his fellow countrymen on the basis of these factors—Reform,Transform,Perform & inform, & most importantly he has revolutionised the wheels of progress for Indian Economy on par with other Global economies.PM Modi  is a Global leader to reckon with & made India a Global Force to reckon with &  strongly believes in  Bhagwad Gitas philosophy of -Vasudhaiva Kutumbakkam & Being a Karma yogi only & only for serving his Nation walking towards Vikas, silenced his critics—Actions Speaks louder than words.
Vade Mataram!

Dr. Sukanya Iyer