India would reduce nuclear giants China and Pakistan into crumbling ruins if it is faced with a “two-front war

We Indians are born to be victorious. Even though Pakistan and China both come together and conspire against India, they are going to have a tough fight and there is no second thought about it. India will be a one-man show simply get a command from Indian army men to press the buttons of missiles and we will win the war in a few minutes and rest of Indian defence will be needed to support us after the war.

The former commander of Northern Command and retired Indian Army Lieutenant BS Jaswal, while talking about two front war with two neighboring countries said that India would reduce nuclear giants China and Pakistan into crumbling ruins if it is faced with a two-front war. “The devastating conflict would destroy all of Pakistan and throw it back to the Stone Age”, the commander said.

Forget that China will resolve the border issue without war. Though it can’t afford war either. Doklam was a much better chance for India to force China to resolve border issues which was otherwise ready for war with India. That’s why they settled all their disputes with Russia in 2017.

India should not wait for more to let China deploy all strategy on LAC (Line of actual Control). India must warn China to stop capturing border area or be ready for war. China is just a balloon with a burst in 10 days of war. The world could witness a devastating nuclear conflict if tensions between three global giants escalate, a retired army general has warned.

Army Commander, Lt Gen BS Jaswal told, India is ready to take on its mighty neighboring countries simultaneously but both enemy countries would likely face devastating fallout, “India’s policy is no first use (nuclear weapons) but massive retaliation. And for China to wage a war would mean risking international isolation and facing massive setbacks to its economic ambitions.”

War fear with both the enemy countries took its head over the Economic Corridor of China-Pakistan. It is the new trade route will link Pakistan and China at a cost of 33 billion euro in the northern Gilgit Baltistan (a territory that India claims as its own). The news is that China’s President Xi Jinping has rotated his army’s muscles in the area of Doklam and a heavy artillery has been exchanged with Pakistan in the controversial Loc in Kashmir. The tension in the Indian Ocean is equally stressful.

On the issue of two front war with China and Pakistan, Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat put forward his deep concern by saying, China had started to flex its muscles and had begun taking over territory in a very gradual manner.

This is the voice, China needs to hear daily now from India so that it feels that pinch to start a war from its side. They are pinning India badly and expects India to start a confrontation so that it can cry in front of the world that they are retaliating India in self-defence. Xi Jinping has become a war monger who wants to go into Chinese history books as the baddest Chinese dictator.

Rawat told that “In sum, China and Pakistan are one entity threatening India on multiple fronts. China’s adept skill for taking territory without resorting to direct conflict”.

He added further, “China is adept at nibbling territory, and going by the experience of the Doklam crisis, it never seeks direct conflict. It calls an area ‘disputed,’ and then occupies it by proclaiming it as Chinese territory.”
Indian Army’s Special Forces Lieutenant general Prakash Katoch told that Pakistan’s foreign and defence policies could be influenced by China. China’s president Xi Jinping could be planning to add to the tension in Jammu and Kashmir.

Katoch added that “20 rounds of talks on the India-China boundary have yielded little and there is a need to address questions of an escalation by Pakistan at China’s behest. This also raises questions about whether Pakistan’s foreign and defence policies are influenced by China. Has Pakistan become a de facto Chinese province with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and Belt and Road Initiative? Dispassionate analyses would conclude that this is a real possibility.”

China shall give “False” signals of 2 Front War and in the event of Hostilities breaking out the Chinese shall not declare War on India in the hope that India and Pakistan have a Nuclear exchange thereby decimating Indian Growth Story (which is aim No1 of the Chinese) but the Chinese are making a fatal mistake by not taking other ponderables into its calculation namely the Americans shall never allow Pakistan to use Nukes. Well, there are many “if´s and But´s in this War Gaming.

Source: Defence.pk