Indian and US will destroy Pak? US warns Pakistan that it will be in deep trouble if it attacks India again

The crackdown on terror sponsoring nation Pakistan by the whole world is underway. All the nations are firm in their fight against terrorism. After France and Germany freezing the assets of terrorists now, US has warned the Pakistan of any terror attack

The United States has asked Pakistan to take sustained, verifiable and irreversible action against the perpetrators of terrorism, while warning the country that another terror attack on India will prove to be “extremely problematic”.

Addressing the reporters at the White House, a senior administration official told reporters “We need to see Pakistan taking concrete and sustained action to reign in the terrorist groups, mainly the Jaish-e-Mohammed and the Lashkar-e-Taiba in order to ensure that we don’t have re-escalation (of tension) in the region, And, if there’s any additional terrorist attack without Pakistan having made a sustained, sincere effort against these groups, it would be extremely problematic for Pakistan and it would cause re-escalation of tensions, which is dangerous for both countries

The official has also called Pakistan on their fake dramas of taking action against terrorists. He said in the past we have seen that Pakistan will show fake arrests of the terrorists and will release them after some days. But now such things won’t be tolerated. Pakistan has to take irreversible action now

The official further said it all lies in the hands of Pakistan. The choice is of Pakistan’s whether it want to viewed as responsible international player and have access to all the financial mechanisms that are available or is it going to continue to fail to take the steps necessary against these terrorist groups and see itself further isolated.

The Trump Administration has taken sort of a “zero tolerance policy” on the issue of safe havens to terrorists. “The terror terrorist attack on February 14th on India was a demonstration that Pakistan’s continuing provision of sanctuary for any terrorist group is not acceptable,” the official said.

The official also took China by its horns for supporting the Pakistan and terror group Jaish e Mohammad chief Masood Azhar. “We think China has a responsibility to also not shield Pakistan, and join the international community in calling on Pakistan to take action against terrorists operating on its soil,” the senior Trump administration official said.

Pakistan should better watch its actions now and stop harboring terrorism or else nobody can save Pakistan, no other nation will come forward for its help