Indian Army shows what it is capable of : Pakistan “forced to beg” for ceasefire.

On Tuesday, in what can be called as one of the worst atrocities by Pakistani Army, it not only killed 3 of our soldiers in cold blood but did something which is beyond human imagination – it mutilated the dead bodies of the martyrs beyond recognition in the Machhil sector. It was an act which no human being could have ever thought of even for their worst enemies. No doubt, every Indian was enraged. Indian Army was in no mood to spare Pakistan after this incident.

After the deadly attack, Indian Army had issued a statement saying, “”Body of one soldier mutilated, retribution will be heavy for this cowardly act.” Soon after, Indian Army started heavy firing and shelling in 5 sectors, after which at least 16 posts on the other side of the border were totally destroyed. The fire assaults were conducted with 120mm heavy mortars and anti-tank guided missiles as well as artillery and air defence guns in a direct firing mode from different locations, which targeted 15-16 posts of the Pakistan army with accurate precision, destroying them all and inflicting heavy casualties. Along with a huge casualty of Pakistani Army, a number of civilians also lost their lives as Pakistan was using civilian areas as their shields.

Inflicted by the unprecedented damage to 15-16 posts and loss of lives of army as well as civilians, Pakistan Army DGMO quickly called Indian Army on the hotline number at an unexpected time and asked India to stop firing because of multiple loss of lives. It was nothing less than begging for forgiveness ! Soon after, Pakistan knocked the door of United Nations asking UN to intervene and request India to stop “violence” at border. Army later tweeted this –

To remind you all, after the last rites of Martyr Shashank Kumar, whose body was mutilated by Pakistan, his father had expressed faith in PM Narendra Modi that if there is any PM who can take revenge, it is Narendra Modi. “It is a matter of great pride that my son died for the nation. I am confident that PM Narendra Modi will avenge his death the way he did in September, ” said father of sepoy Shashank Kumar. Listen to what the father of Shashank Kumar had to say.

It seems, as per the expectation of Martyr Shashank Kumar’s father and billions of citizens, PM Modi has not disappointed anyone. Pakistan has been pushed so hard that it was forced to “beg” from Indian Army to call a ceasefire.

Kshitij Mohan