While Indian Cricket team was defeating Bangladesh yesterday, Check what the Indian Navy was doing in Bangladesh!

Cricket is almost a religion in the subcontinent. Emotions run high whenever any two sides in Asia compete against each other. This Champions Trophy hasn’t been any different as India has played against all three Asian counterparts.

But amidst the cricket fever, we Indians have forgotten that the Bangladeshi people and our Navy is fighting a much bigger battle. And sadly, this battle of life-and-death has been completely ignored by the media as well.

The southeast coast of Bangladesh has been swept by Cyclone Mora which made landfall on May 30. This has caused extensive landslides and flooding which has rendered numerous people homeless. It is believed that the death toll has risen to 137.

It is the Indian Navy who has risen to the occasion and devoted itself to rescuing those Bangladeshis who’ve been victims of the cyclone. The Navy personnel have risked their own safety in saving Bangladeshis who’re buried under debris caused by landslides.

The Indian Navy rescued 33 individuals on May 31 who were found adrift at sea over 100 miles away from Chittagong. Our Navy’s patrol vessel, Sumitra, was involved in the major rescue operation.The Eastern Naval Command had also deployed a P-81 aircraft as part of its rescue operation.

India, especially under the Narendra Modi government, has come to swift aid of its neighbours whenever any calamity has befallen them. Such massive rescue operations have raised India’s respect in the eyes of the rest of the world.

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India epitomises the fact that enmity on the sporting field is not significant enough to scar ties behind nations. What happens on the field stays on the field. Under the Modi government, India is truly moving ahead on the path of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

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Vinayak Jain