Indian Express targets Paresh Rawal by reporting fake news but takes U-turn when actor denies it

Freedom of expression is a weapon which can only be used by anti-nationals to tarnish the image of India. But if “Freedom of Expression” is being used by any nationalists then he won’t be spared by the anti-India brigade. Until couple of years ago, only RSS and BJP strictly opposed anti-national activities. But now a days, celebrities like Virendra Sehwag, Gautam Gambir, Sonu Nigam and many more have come up and started to raise their voice against anti-national activities. So this has been a huge headache to the anti national brigade as it is very difficult to tackle everyone.

We had seen how actor-politician Paresh Rawal had openly bashed anti-nationals. So to counter him, they plotted fake news against him. It is disturbing as the most trusted media has started to involve in this kind of cheap gimmicks.

So his statement was twisted and quoted as, “I love all Pakistani TV serials like ‘Humsafar’, the way they act, the story, the writing, the language…it’s all good. I feel our shows are boring. I believe that artistes and cricketers don’t come and throw bombs. They are not terrorists; rather they bridge the gap between the two countries. But when the mood is not good why rake up issues at that time? It is better to stay with your country.

Yes, this report was published in Indian Express on June 7th. Look how they tried to create hatred towards Paresh Rawal.

But when the actor said that he didn’t give this such statement, Indian Express didn’t apologize for the fake news they spread but tactfully escaped from its previous report published.

So those who want to know what is happening in India need to be very carefully. Because the reputed and trusted media brands have started to mislead the public by twisting reports which may hurt integrity of the nation.

Rajat Bhandary