Why Indian Government Doesn’t Want to Open Secret Rooms in Taj Mahal & 25 Other Astounding Taj Mahal Facts!


  1. As far as the story goes Shah Jahan wanted to build a black replica of the Taj Mahal. But, he was overthrown by his son Auranzeb before he could realize his dream.

  1. The Taj Mahak is one of the most symmetrical structures in the world. Its minarets,rooms, gardens & walls follow perfect symmetry.

  1. The Taj Mahal was built around 350 years ago at a whopping cost of about 32 million rupees.

  1. The construction of the grand project took 22 long years to finish the construction. It began in 1631 & ended in 1652.

  1. A small stream of water keeps flowing inside the Taj Mahal and it’s source hasn’t been discovered yet. It is found the architect found about Shah jahan’s intentions to cut off the limbs of all the workers who were involved in its construction. So, he constructed the building in such a way that the stream would flow continuously & weep for the fate of its makers.

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