Why Indian Government Doesn’t Want to Open Secret Rooms in Taj Mahal & 25 Other Astounding Taj Mahal Facts!

  1. The original garden of the Taj Mahal was decked with roses & daffodils. The garden was altered during the British rule. It was altered to look like the manicured lawns of London.

  1. The Taj Mahal is actually five feet taller than the Qutab Minar.

  1. The Famous Magician PC Sorcar Jr, created an optical illusion that made the Taj Mahal disappear before the eyes on 8th November,2000.

  1. The Persian architect of the Taj Mahal was a genius. He created an optical illusion which makes the monument look smaller as you move close to the gate & look bigger as you walk away from the gate. The guides say that once you make it to the place look at the monument, you carry a picture in your heart.


Alok Shetty



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