“Indian government will not tolerate any unauthorized use of data to influence elections or any other illegal purpose”- said Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad

Union minister for information & broadcasting Ravi Shankar Prasad has reiterated that the India and the Indian Government will not tolerate any kind of unauthorized use of data in Facebook or anywhere else. This statement came after Congress influenced Cambridge Analytica blunder.

Speaking at the “Bengaluru IT Global Hub Road Ahead” event, Prasad indicated the Indian government will be tough on any digital service abusing user data.

“The Narendra Modi government is very clear. Any unauthorized use of data without the consent of the owner for abuse and collateral purposes or influencing the elections will not be tolerated. We are very clear about it”, the Union Minister said.

He stressed on the five key points of user data being availability, utility, innovation, anonymity and privacy. “In a particular area if people are getting infected, because of data we can have a good policy for that. But it should be an anonymous data. If innovation is to be done, data availability is important,” he added.

“Let there be privacy in terms of your health condition, your official preferences, relationships which are matrimonial in nature and family matters. But the issue of privacy is overblown by those who talk of Right to Information and also talk of privacy.”

The Union Minister has also previously said the government has issued show cause notices to both Cambridge Analytica and Facebook regarding the recent data breach. Once their responses have been received will the authorities decide on any further action. India has demanded information from Facebook, on whether the personal data of Indian voters has been manipulated by third party developers in any way, and gases given the social network an April 7 deadline to respond. In addition, the Union Minister says that a committee headed by retired judge Sri Krishna has been asked to compile a report on data protection, which could be turned into law soon.

The recent trend of uploading every personal move and events on social media websites has resulted in a major threat to the mass data breach. The company Cambridge Analytica is now under the eye of the Indian Law unless and until it clears its present crime along with the Congress party.

So, Cambridge Analytica sucked 50 million profiles out of Facebook, than paid Facebook millions of dollars to micro-target (manipulate) with money from Super PAC’s. After having denied any involvement or wrongdoing since 2015, Zuck now says ‘sorry’?!!

Ravi Shankar Prasad had previously threatened Mark Zuckerberg With Court Summons If Indian User Data Is Leaked

“If Facebook is found to be involved in data breach of Indians, we will take very strict action against them including the summoning of Mark Zuckerberg to India,” Prasad told reporters a few days back.

The comments followed even as Zuckerberg and Facebook COO and PR chief Sheryl Sandberg maintain their silence over mounting pressure for them to come clean and explain what really happened with Facebook’s user data.

“Today, 20 crore Indians are on Facebook,” he said. “If the data of the Indians is shared through Facebook, we have the stringent IT Act. We can even summon Facebook officials for data sharing.We respect the freedom of press, but we do not tolerate the misuse of social media in influencing electoral process in India. We want to warn Facebook that it will not be tolerated,” Prasad added.

Source: Indiatimes.com