Do Indian know about the 1500 years old Shivalayam at Vajragiri hill in Tamil Nadu?

It is rarest of rare one who has not journeyed in the highway between Chennai and Trichy. It is the highway connecting the capital of TN and the important southern states like Madurai, Tirunelveli, kanyakumari.

One could have noticed after journeying 95 kilometres from Chennai, next to Melmaruvaththur a hamlet and its series of hill; atop a dilapidated building; next the illuminating church

You will bleed if you see the background of the 1500 years old building which is none other than a famous Shivaalayam (Lord Shiva Temple). The one which is beautifying the hamlet and green sight of mountain range to the eyes of the commuters between Chennai and Trichy is called “Vajragiri” mountain. Atop, the dilapidated building is nothing but Lord “Pasupatheeswar” with “Maragadhaambikai” temple built 1500 years back. There is a beautiful temple of Atcheeswarar situated in the hamlet straight down at 700 ft from the hill top, Pasupatheeswar temple, stated to be under the domain of the temple at the hamlet. To reach the Pasupatheeswarar temple our elders arranged two routes before a century a vertical one with steps and another one in the back to come by vehicle.

As usual, with the support of unscrupulous politicians and their toady so called as police, the Christians have started to encroach in a part of the mountain range. Now juxtaposed they have built a palatial church at the top and at the foot step in the name of “Mazhaimalai maathaa” Implanted the total mountain studded their cross everywhere. Carved sculptures; which appear in bible.

“Long Live Mari” is visible from few kilometres. The church management erected an arch at the entrance of vehicle route making mandatory those who want to go over to the temple will have to pass through their arch and now scuttled that too with thorny fence

The temple devotees arranged a bypass to reach the road but the anarchist Christians have dumped fluff and all nonsense with an intension if totally arrested the passage to the idiot Hindus, they can encroach the total temple precincts at the top and the whole mountain range. Unable to knock with millionaires of church allied personalities and corrupted Indian bureaucrats the devotees are teetering on the verge of panic and pandemonium.

The youth conglomerated and decided to cement the damaged portions and in 1967 there lived a Mouna Siddha Rajaa at top hill who got the electricity connection to the temple and the enroute. The enroute was without lamps which was illuminated by the youth with the help of donations and made a name board SHIVA SHIVA at the hill temple and arranged a water tank for drinking water facility and were planning to make a bore well.

Here entered the villain of the piece, corrupt to the core, unchasteful forest department officials and scuttled their entire endeavour. When the young blooded youth questioned their sagacity of scuttling the Hindus but simultaneously allowing the Christians the answer from the department was the Christians have taken the mountain for 99 years lease. Then the unscrupulous and antisocial elements of Christians smashed the name board and the street lamps of the enroute.

The temple priest Balajee and village elders complained to police and CM special cell and PM cell through PMOPG/E/2017/0356070 to no avail.

The Christians want to follow the Velankanni type, and like Thiruvannamali lamps and other hindu rituals to cheat the rural folk and convert them to Christianity for which our unscrupulous longing for single tea politicians and their kowtows are hell-bent for their individual benefit. A typical nation where there is patent right to copy a cinema, song, book does have nothing of that sort for adoption of one religious methods by another to lure the poor ignorant common under Sickularism. Upon noticing this to their share the Muslims too started to encroach.

The whole Vajragiri belongs to Pasupatheeswara temple. One wonders whose fiefdom is this and who was vested with such a power to let on lease that too for such a long time as if it is his ancestral one, in the concerned department and go unquestioned like this is anybody’s guess. It is high time the mistake is undone and confine the respective religion in their codified limit as enshrined in the constitution but not before the concerned accountable officers are punished without impunity is a request on behalf of devotees of the subject temple.

Vaidya Kesava Iyer**


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