Why is the Indian media more worried about Pakistan than Pakistanis themselves!

Anyone who follows news regularly on Kashmir would have have surely observed that few Indian media is very much worried about Pakistan. These Indian media have been relentlessly opposing India’s strong action against Pakistan.

Ever since the attack on Uri and Pathankot happened last year which killed many Indian soldiers, the army has gone offensive against Pakistan. The unexpected surgical strikes on Pakistan left the country in shock and kept them guessing about India’s strategy against Pakistan. But the media continued to defend Pakistan and even supported the narrative of demanding surgical strike proof along with the Congress and AAP.  These so called media agencies are bating for Pakistan and pressurizing Indian government to hold talks with Pakistan.

They are many articles written by the pseudo liberal media houses, in which they are trying to influence the government’s decision against any action against Pakistan.

All these above articles have one common point, that is they do not want India to go aggressive against Pakistan. They want the same old strategy of talks, biryani diplomacy and involving separatists in making decisions. But the fact is none of the separatists want the Kashmir issue to be solved as stone pelting is a million dollar business to these people. They earn thousands of crores through Pakistan intelligence and terror agencies in the name of Azadi struggle. So the real issue of Kashmir holds ZERO value to these people.

Maroof Raza, the ex-military officer has clearly said that the only agenda which is keeping Pakistan together in Kashmir. So they do not want to let go the Kashmir Azadi narrative which is their life line.

On the other hand, the political parties like Congress, left and NC support the stand of Pakistan as their links with the terror country goes deep. During UPA government their were many reports which showed that Congress had various links with ISI. It is well remembered how Mani Shankar Iyer had requested Pakistan’s to help them remove BJP and PM Modi from power.

But the present government has not given any value to these media houses who are bating for Pakistan. Their aggressive stand has made Pak sympathizers worry about their future and career which is heavily supported by ISI. Many Indian channels are being funded by Pakistan ISI and terror outfits to support their stand against India. This is why many journalists had openly declared their support to terrorists like Burhan Wani and condemned his killing by the Indian army. These media houses create a FAKE narrative claiming that Pakistan has nuclear weapons which may pose great threat to India if war is declared between two countries.

Media claims that going war with Pakistan will not assure us victory as Pakistan is very powerful. They also argue that military operations against terrorists is not good idea and will only increase the risk.  They also claim India will not receive support from US or UK on the issue of kashmir and India will be isolated in the global world.

Fali Homi Major was the Air Chief Marshal after S P Tyagi (the man who was involved in chopper scam), whose name was also under scanner in the Agusta Westland chopper scam. So one can imagine why there was no action against Pakistan after 26/11.

But the fact is, Pakistan has been fooling the world with their fake Nuclear weapon story. Pakistan’s claim of having nuclear weapons was dismissed several times by General G D Bakshi and Ex RAW officer RSN Singh. The media claims of US and UK not supporting India is complete FARCE as US has warned Pakistan many times to stop their cross border terrorism. The UK which is facing severe threats and attacks from terrorists made it clear that it will never support the human rights activists who are helping terrorists.

So the Pakistan which is unable to face India’s aggression is pushing their agenda through pseudo Indian media. If Pakistan loses to India or is declared terrorist country, it will isolated in the global world. Their money flow, exports,  important will be cut which will  collapse the Pak government and ISI, if that happens the biggest losers are Congress, NC and media.  This is exactly why they want to keep the issue of Kashmir alive and do not want India to go aggressive against Pakistan.

Aishwarya S