What Do Indian Muslims Really Think of Narendra Modi ???

He is staunch Hindu nationalist, Muslim hater who has achieved the ultimate throne and has already put his plan to action. Muslims are terrified of him.

This is most common widespread view of how people think Muslims see Narendra Modi. This is how his image is painted by media-houses and few fringe elements. Gujarat riots being the prime catalyst in fueling this, despite having been heavily scrutinized and found no misconduct from his side, same story is fed over and over again. But let me tell you what Muslims think of him, well, they don’t think of him at all. Not good not bad just don’t have an opinion, before you jump to conclusion let me make it very clear

Do you think these people really think about Narendra modi?


Do they really care about how policies of government would affect them?


Do they even have an idea of policies(or anything as such)?


They simply aren’t educated and informed enough to have an opinion.

What we have as Muslim opinion is what media tells us, what limited bunch of people want us to believe, and keep the hate-mongering alive. As a result of this and few incidences happening around, you have certain despondency but hell no, there’s no opinion. There’s derisory of any euphoria and energy but instead a strange wretchedness and dullness.

There’s only around 55-60% literacy among Muslim population, only 10% go up to do graduation, this is really bad situation and as an educated Indian Muslim this is what I have to say, As a result of constant mudslinging on PM, there’s certain despondency that these people have created. only 11 in 100 Muslims take up Higher education, 42.7 % Muslims are illiterate says census.

From the Leader of the caliber of Narendra Modi I expect things to change for better, things can only go up from here. I think he is he has a gargantuan task of cutting across the lines, pump up the energy in this despondent deprived Muslim mass, give them more confidence. This is not because he wronged something and it is the way to redeem but this is other way round, not that he owes anything special to Muslims but Muslims need it.

Don’t hop on to think that I am demanding anything extra, don’t we run campaign of ‘Beti Bachao’ when we see drastic male-female ratio, and female infanticide/foeticide issue? It is just paying attention where it is needed. Muslims are long behind in socio-economical space and education. Most of them driving autos, street hawkers selling vegetables and handicrafts, and are roadside mechanics, yet people think they are brainwashed haters, no sir, you are wrong, they are busy earning their bread, they have no time to hate you.Period. (Well some shitheads are everywhere)

This is the only way you bring some misinformed, some hopeless and some clueless bourgeois mass of Muslims populace into mainstream. Muslims despite having many difficulties to be dealt with have enormous faith in constitution. We have challenges, and we are trying, we need a leader, we need a guide!!!

Muslims in India: Confident in Democracy Despite Economic and Educational Challenges

This is definitely putting pressure on our PM but I think I can hope and wish he delivers on it, I so hope he does it and question like this need not be asked on quora or anywhere anymore, I hope the mudslinging is answered by actions once and for all.

As to what I think of him, he is a great leader speaking of 1.25 billion lives, I really value some of his initiatives that’ll go long way into changing and more precisely lifting up the social structure, boosting our Economy, giving conducive environment to aspiring entrepreneurs like Swachha bharat(We desperately need it, don’t we?), Startup India, Make in India and many initiatives that stand to change our fate. All Yojanas launched by Pradhan Mantri Modi

Go ahead Mr. PM we have faith in you, you have our support. We expect from you, perhaps expect alot from you.

Firoj Shaikh