What Indian “secular” political parties should learn from this terrorist’s father?

The recent Bhopal-Ujjain blast was the first ever attack executed by the ISIS in India. Saifullah, the terrorist involved in the attack was killed by U.P Anti-terrorism squad on Tuesday night. A radical Islamist carrying out an attack just before the final phase of the U.P election was predictable. What was not expected was Saifullah’s father, Sartaaj terming him an ‘anti-national.’ Sartaaj went on to say that the family would not accept Saifullah’s body. Sartaaj said that saifullah had left home two months back. Sartaaj was annoyed with saifullah for not working. He added that in the last conversation the family had with him, Saifullah had told them that he was leaving for Saudi.

Meanwhile the families of Mohammed Irfan & Mohammed Faisal, the two terrorists that were arrested by the ATS, said the duo were innocent. Their family members claimed that the allegations were false. This comes even as the police investigating the Bhopal-Ujjain blast believe they have ample evidence against the two ISIS terrorists. The attacks have been linked to ISIS terrorists in Syria. The ATS which led the operation in Lucknow, in which Saifullah was killed, had recovered evidence suggesting a certain link with the Islamic State.

ISIS flag, train timetables, 8 pistols, 650 rounds of ammunitions, explosive materials, gold, cash, SIM cards & passports were recovered from the encounter spot. While six people linked to the group have been arrested in Madhya Pradesh, police said they believe at least two people linked to the group are still at large.

The mastermind of the train terror strike has been identified as Atif Mujaffar  alias Al-Qasim, a well off engineering student from Aligarh and the self proclaimed ‘emir’ (chief) of the “Khorasan module” in India. Meanwhile Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Wednesday confirmed the involvement of the ISIS in the Bhopal-Ujjain train blasts. The Madhya Pradesh CM said the terrorists had sent pictures of the pipe bomb used in the train blast to Syria.

The growing threat of terrorism is not moving at normal pace.  I was one among the many who prayed for the victory of Donald Trump. The emergence of a leader who could directly speak against Radical Islamism and walk the talk, would remind the liberals that there are people who don’t mind being ‘politically incorrect.’   The world sees great hope in Modi, Trump, Putin and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. These are the leaders that have the courage & the conviction to take on the Islamic State & other terror organizations. But for any country to counter these radicals, the internal threats which exist inside the geographical borders have to be minimized. Most importantly we need more fathers, like Sartaaz, who put the nation above everything else.

Alok Shetty


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