Indian secularism is Half-Islamist, Half-Pakistani

In India if an animal is backed by Hindus then that animal need to be slaughtered. No PETA will cry of violation of kind of rights. Let me give some instances, Hindus says that they worship cow, then the cow must be slaughtered or else seculars won’t get sleep. Jallikattu is a traditional sport, then it must be banned. Same seculars feel that animals can’t bare the sounds of fire crackers during Deepawali. But where these seculars run when fire crackers are burst during New Year eve? This is called biased secularism.

Last year on June 23rd, a boy was murdered by Pakistani police just because he posed with a toy gun. But whole world shut their mouth and never condemned the Pakistan’s dictatorship. But if Israel injures Palestinian then the whole world will come running on the streets.

Similarly USA can label anyone as fatal to the world and launch an attack, Saudi Arabia can strike at Yemen without even any opposition from the so called global leaders or journalists, Pakistan can butcher any number of Baloch residents. But if India attacks a stone pelter then it is violation of human rights.

In case if the stone pelters were Hindus, would these seculars condemn the Army’s act? No, they will instead praise the Army.

In India secularism changes from religion to religion:

Last year in Delhi a Dentist named Dr Pankaj Narang was murdered by a mob of Muslim youths but seculars didn’t even find it offensive. Neither Rahul nor Kejriwal ran to meet the victim’s family. But we all know how hurt they were when Aklaq was dead. So if a Hindu is killed then it’s not a human right violation but if a Muslim is killed then it’s a dark day in Indian history. During the investigation on Aklaq’s case a Hindu died due to police brutality but it was fine for the “award wapsi” brigade. The accused Hindu youth’s family cried front of media that their sons are treated inhumanely but seculars didn’t find any human rights violation in it. Even during Ajmal Kasab’s stay in the luxurious jail, human rights activists ensured that he won’t be treated badly.

Here one thing Muslims should note that, if you die fighting for nation or society, these seculars won’t even remember you. Take the fresh example of lieutenant Umar Fayaz who was killed in the valley by the terrorists. These use the term secularism just for their political mileage.

Seculars say that if Pakistani actors are not allowed into India then it is an attack on art and if Anupam Kher is denied visa then it’s Pakistan’s internal matter:

Yes, when there were regular attacks on Indian army also, our main stream media supported Pakistani actors entering into India. But our own actor was denied visa by Pakistan. That wasn’t a matter of concern. Our seculars opt Pakistani Muslims over Indian Muslims. For instance, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal hoisted a red carpet and invited Ghulam Ali after his show was cancelled in Delhi but never arranged such function to A R Rehman when a fatwa was issued by the Barelvi group Raza Academy.

Indian seculars don’t like Tarek Fateh or Taslima Nasreen because they speak out the truth which others never dare to speak. Indian seculars treat Pakistan like their own sibling but treat the Indians as enemies.

In the past we had seen how our few bunch of lawyers ran into the doorstep of judge at midnight to save a terrorist called Yakub Menon. Did these lawyers try to give justice to Sadhvi Pragya Singh? Now that she is proven as innocent, will these question the then Congress govt for arresting a young lady? For these Malala suffers in the hands of terrorists but Sadhivi’s tears went unnoticed.

Journalists mocking Hindu belief are a part of secularism:

Did we hear any of these journalists questioning the loud speakers at the mosques? Did these question the slaughtering of goats during Muslims festivals? Bursting crackers lead to sound pollution but Azan sounds like a melodious music to these journalists.

Shobhaa De can say “I just ate beef. Come and murder me”. She can mock at Hindu belief but Sonu Nigam cannot express his irritation caused due to loud speakers used by the mosques.

Rajdeep Sardesai can attack a person in Madison Square Garden for praising PM Modi and the same Rajdeep comes to India and shouts of intolerance towards minorities and media.

So if a Hindu is secular then he will be called as communal and if a person is communal then he is ultra secular. These journalists and intellects don’t opt to be seculars by themselves. There is a very big network involved. As a result they run abroad and shout that India is intolerant. No government or organisation can teach them a lesson. Only the citizens of India can teach them a lesson after they completely know the reality of these so called seculars.

Credit: Tufail Ahmad

Vikrant Raj