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In recent times we have seen an onslaught on Hindu customs and traditions by leftists and the prime example of such attacks is the so called “˜temple entry”™ movement by Trupti Desai. What I fail to understand is how is women”™s empowerment remotely connected with entering and praying in a temple? Be that as it may, now a section of women have decided to hit right back by starting the “˜Ready to Wait”™ campaign.

This is a movement spearheaded by Anjali George. She has requested women to put up a picture with a board reading “˜ready to wait”™. Her post states that Sabarimala is not a gender issue but more about western funded feminists and Godless commies attacking native customs of our land.


Every temple has its own set of rules and traditions and Semitic yardsticks can hardly be applied to Pagan traditions. The two aren”™t compatible by any stretch of imagination. It is also a leftist propaganda that women cannot enter the Sabarimala. The truth is only menstruating women are restricted from visiting the temple. As someone who has seen the rituals associated with the Sabarimala visit at close quarters I can say with conviction that it is neither misogynistic nor patriarchal. Let us not reduce everything to a farce in an attempt to grab attention like those who are running the “˜Right to Pray”™ campaign.

It requires a 40 day strict purification ritual to be followed by every devotee desirous of visiting the shrine which is going to be difficult for every woman to follow due to the menstrual cycle. Men are required to stay away from women on their menses and follow strict fasting rules.
Every tradition has a reason and it would be good if people read up before jumping to conclusions and outraging.

Latha Iyer