Indians are furious at the Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy after he disrespected PM Modi’s “Fitness Challenge”!

Our PM Narendra Modi treated each of us by posting his early morning exercise clip today. The Prime Minister of India fulfilled his promise as per the challenged by the Cricket sensation Virat Kohli a few days back. The video was greatly appreciated all over the Social media. Right after his tweet, he sportively challenged the Karnataka CM in his tweet to carry forward the Fitness Challenge further.

But the reply from the CM was rather expected though hilarious and was indeed an unprofessional tweet, which could ever come from a Cheif Minister of a State!

People handling this official account should have common sense to differentiate between personal and professional tweets. PM Modi used his personal Twitter account to nominate HD Kumaraswamy personally. Why is CM’s account replying? That too a political attack? Have a look at the response:

Dear Narendra Modi ji I am honoured and thankU very much for d concern about my health I believe physical fitness is imptnt for all&support d cause. Yoga-treadmill r part of my daily workout regime. Yet, I am more concerned about devlpment fitness of my state&seek ur support for it.

PM Modi did not ask for any support from anyone to develop our Nation. He did it all by himself. Accept the challenge to develop Karnataka without the support of anyone. It is simple as that; if you and your ministers are not soaked in corruption half your development work is done.

This is, of course, a personal attack. PM Modi has not mentioned anything related to his CM post, he nominated the CM personally for Fitness Challenge, so why is Kumaraswamy dragging politics here?

Please understand before you post something on Social Media. The challenge was not to prove your fitness Mr. Chief Minister. PM’s video on social media is not to prove he is fit. This campaign is being promoted just to inspire common people to do some daily workout or yoga to stay out of Lifestyle diseases. You need to be smart enough to understand such a simple thing !

In a rare admission CM Kumaraswamy admits that his now alliance partner Congress, left the state in shambles after ruling for full five years.

You do not even know what the Fitness trend is all about. It was initially started by Sports minister Rajya Vardhan Rathore to encourage people to stay fit. Keeping yourself fit is a “WAY OF LIFE” ! While, keeping the state of Karnataka healthy is “YOUR JOB”!

Obviously your predecessors and partners today, the Congress Party has left the state of Karnataka in a mess. Good luck to you so that you undo the mess of Siddaramaiah!

If you would have been really concerned about the development of people of Karnataka then you would not have joined hands with Congress which is known for its corruption and mainly the Divide & Rule policy!! So Mr Kumaraswamy please do not carry forward the drama like your boss Rahul Gandhi!!

Here’s the Tweet by PM Modi in which he challenged the Karnataka CM:

I am delighted to nominate the following for the Fitness Challenge:

Karnataka’s CM Shri HD Kumaraswamy.

India’s pride and among the highest medal winners for India in the 2018 CWG, Manika Batra.

The entire fraternity of brave IPS officers, especially those above 40.