This is how we Indians can do a surgical strike on corruption. Note the date November 28th!

Yesterday, a message got viral on Social Media. It read, “Dear Friends, Mamata Banerjee is planning for Bharat Bandh on November 28th, asking for support from other political parties. This move is very ridiculous and shameful. As a responsible citizen of India, we should not support this move and also work two hours extra on that particular day to support this Demonetization by Modi Government. If you agree, please share this with as many as possible.”  Well, these corrupt politicians have hit a new low in shaming our India. Their open attack on war against black money is extremely disgraceful and immoral. No wonder, India hits back and spreads this patriotic message all over social media.

Demonetization announcement by PM Modi on 8th November proved to be a big surgical strike on Black Money Hoarding and Terror Funding. Tax evaders, corrupt Bureaucrats, scamster Politicians, Paid Media and Terror supporters were the victims of this surgical strike on economy. After a brief stupefied silence, the realization hit these victims that they were finished. They started cursing the man responsible for their downfall.  Their breast-beating is an on-going process since a fortnight.

Some victims chose to keep their mouths tightly shut to suppress their whimpers. But those who couldn’t stifle their agonizing pain blurted out their contemptuous anger for PM Modi . The politicians who  chose to go vocal about their anger and pain by the attack on black money are the politicians from Indian National Congress, Aam Aadmi Party and Trunamool Congress  to name a few . They have disrupted the working of Parliament since last four days for avenging their loss. Since a fortnight India is ashamed to witness the human chain formed by the Opposition parties against this historic move of PM Modi on Black Money.

As common people, we won’t understand the intensity of their sufferings.  For us, demonetization meant a small trouble of depositing the existing stock of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes and withdrawing cash in acceptable denominations. First few days saw a huge rush and long queues in banks.  We Indians celebrated this inconvenience with pride. Volunteers and retired bank employees joined hands with the bankers in the execution plan of Demonetization. Within a week, normalcy was restored. As I said, for us common people, demonetization was worth the petty inconveniences.

But we, the common people are very handy for the politicians.  We were thrust with all the possible compassion and sympathy under the sky from the politicians like Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal and Mamata Banerjee . Suddenly, standing in queues was the most traumatic experience for Indians, who are used to queue system since Independence.  Eventually, the queues at banks/ ATMs ended but not their rants. All the deaths since demonetization , be it natural, unnatural or accidental were linked to Demonetization. Did I tell you the named politicians are also known as Vulture Politicos who feast on dead bodies of us common people with relish for their political score? Well, they couldn’t possibly have exposed themselves with the REAL reason of their pain, could they? As usual, they chose our shoulders to shoot the assaulter who crashed their black money network.

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