Indians, don’t forget that the Opposition parties are joining hands just to defeat PM Modi, not to develop India!

As it is election season, the opposition that has named itself as grand alliance or Mahagatbhandan has started getting united because of the fear of the Modi government. The only sentence they are speaking while asking the people to vote for them is “help us to defeat PM Modi”.

Yes, they want to defeat PM Modi and there is nothing wrong in it. In politics, only one can win

Interestingly, Mahagathbandhan has a funny cycle. It starts, takes off with the help of its eco-system and again crashes. After crashing several times, the Mahagathbandhan took birth after the unholy alliance of Congress and JD (S) that formed a government in Karnataka against the wish of the Kannadigas.

Soon the eco-system started to shout out that the grand alliance or the Mahagathbandhan (there is nothing “Maha” as mentioned in the name) has emerged stronger than ever under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. Note that Rahul Gandhi stays in India shorter than the span of a tourist.

But within months of the new avatar of the grand alliance, clash between the parties started. BSP supremo Mayawati dumped the Congress party and joined hands with Ajit Jogi in Chhattisgarh. Whereas Akhilesh Yadav announced that even his Samajwadi Party won’t go with the Congress party.

Followed by this, even smaller regional parties like NCP planned not to go with the Congress party in the ongoing assembly elections. By this it was concluded that the Mahagathbandhan crashed, once again.

But the greed of power and the fear of PM Modi united them once again. Andhra Pradesh CM Chandra Babu Naidu (whose 3 year old grandson has Rs 18 crore worth assets) once again joined hands with the Congress party in the presence of Rahul Gandhi and once again launched the invisible Mahagathbandhan. Soon the eco-system started to claim that the Mahagathbandhan has taken off.

What should be noted is that these leaders of Mahagathbandhan shout that they want to defeat PM Modi’s BJP. But nowhere they promise to develop India. This is the reality, in fact harsh reality.

The Mahagathbandhan doesn’t have any plan or vision to make India a super power but wants to grab the power so that they could increase their fortunes, which is not possible under PM Modi.

As I have said earlier “In politics only one can win” and that is the people of India.

And the people of India will win only if they make PM Modi victorious.

Hansika Raj


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