Why Indians are invaded, ruled and fooled easily? Why we attack a ‘Pradhan Sevak’ and embrace a dynast?

We Indians are amazingly idiot, confused, selfish and emotional fools. You must never have thought of the fact that we were invaded and easily ruled by Kushans, Shakas, Mongols, Mughal, Britishers, Portuguese and till 2014 by an  Italian turned Indian ( am aware PM was Dr. Manmohan Singh but as per Mr Sanjay Baru all decision was taken by Mrs Gandhi) who took Indian citizenship in 1983. And we truly deserve to be ruled by foreigners as we have elements of slavery in our DNA.

We have an attitude of distrust but also have an attitude to blindly trust those who fool us around.

We kept mum for 70 years, never questioned governments, actions, suffered extensively. For 40 long years we were in a confused state, where to go, to whom we should follow, capitalism communism, socialism. We never questioned and had tremendous patience then for those who coined Hindu growth rate. For years our economy moved in snail pace at 3-4%.Could anyone imagine that consumers had to wait for 8 years to buy Bajaj Scooter, yes that happened in 70s and 80s and we kept mum.

We credited Dr.Manmohan Singh for introducing us to exotic economic terms like LPG i.e. liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation, but we conveniently forgot that it was executed under pressure from international institutions like IMF, World Bank and super powers. It was done to bring back our gold which we pledged in 1991 (many thanks to then Finance Minister Mr Yashwant Sinha).

We never remember that important steps Vajpayee government took to revive reforms in true sense. That government gave us TRAI and IRDA. That government worked sincerely towards disinvestment, lowering of inflation rate and interest rates. But as I said earlier, we are so selfish that we liked home loans at 7% and we disliked low deposit rate of 5-6%.

Result, he lost elections in 2004, despite the fact that stock markets were booming, foreign exchange reserve were decently good, fiscal deficit was under control, inflation rate was hovering around 3 %, interest rate were all time low. We are so self-centered that we suffer from deadly disease called mujhekyamila syndrome. Although, MMS government reaped benefits for next 6-7 years.

We have typical mindset. We buy insurance not to cover risk but to get 80C benefits so that we can save tax. Now a days, few journos whose existence is under threat are trying to take advantage of this typical mindset of Indians. They are trying hard to instill garbage through various platforms available to them.

On 29 September 2017 an unfortunate incident occurred in Mumbai. Stampede happened in Mumbai’s suburb Elphinstone station’s foot bridge and many commuters lost their life. Suddenly news channels started flashing relevance of Bullet train project. Netizens along with opposition started questioning about need for bullet train, if existing infrastructure is under Distress. This logic if applied then we should close all Colleges and should open primary school as still despite government’s efforts 24% of entire population which means close to 35 crore are illiterate

 I totally agree that we need foot bridges, new tracks, flyovers, stations with modern amenities but also need project like metro and bullet train. It was conveniently ignored by Spartans of social media that in Mumbai, government has fast tracked Metro project, which will address commuters’ issues and will give option to them and thereby reduce the burden on current infrastructure of railways.

Government is spending in modernisation of Railways. Now anyone can file complaint on twitter and surprisingly it is also heard by authorities.

Earlier governments only did one thing, just announced new trains during yearly budget. For Years freight were not increased as ruling establishment always fear of backlash from political parties journos which could lead to public outrage. You will be surprised to note that losses in passenger and other coaching services in Indian Railways were Rs 33,490.95 crore during 2014-15 and then we expect Railways to provide quality service.

We still need to decide which way we need to go. We expect fat payouts like capitalists but while spending we act like socialist jokers.  We like to follow capitalism in bits and pieces or where it is advantageous to us INDIVIDUALLY. We don’t have issues in spending ₹ 2000 on dinner, ₹1000 on watching a movie, ₹300 on popcorn tub for our kid, but we have issues if Railways increases fares. We never question fee structure of a private coaching class but we do protest if private school increases fees. And please don’t ask to prepare proper accounts which now under GST shop owners will have to. And matter of the fact they are protesting also.

So decide what you want, and stop cribbing for all matter. I liked Akshay Kumar’s movie Toilet ek prem katha and specially one dialog “ sare bill Sarkar ke Naam mat fado, khud bhi kuch kar lo”.

Ratish Gupta