Indians must appreciate that no bomb blasts occurred in India in the last 4 years

For all those haters and traitors who claim that PM Narendra Modi’s rule has done nothing for the Nation, you need to read this! There has not been a single Bomb Blast or a terrorist attack in the country since our PM has taken over the post and with the equal efforts of Indian Army.

Leading the same effective change in all over India, The “Isha Foundation” founder Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev said “Indians must appreciate that no bomb blasts have occurred in the country in the last four years barring border areas and thanked security forces for making a determined effort to tackle terror”.

“We must know and acknowledge and appreciate and enjoy one thing… that in the last four years there have been no bomb blasts in the country.. Whatever is happening is only in the border area and unfortunately in Kashmir. Thanks to the security forces, a determined effort is being made in that direction (to tackle terror),” he said.

Let’s take a few minutes and recall the Era when UPA was in power. Can you recall some of the most dreadful terrorist attacks and bomb blasts that took place in India? What was done about it? Any measures taken? No. It was just the Loss of life and property in India. Tears & Irony that UPA gave us.

Now talking about the present Era of PM Modi, what has prevented terror attacks all of a sudden? What has led to this peace? Has anyone thought over it? The fact that PM’s prolonged efforts for maintaining bilateral relations and his administration has got this better days cannot be denied.

Sadhguru is scheduled to take part in the seventh session of ‘Youth and Truth’ series at NALSAR University of Law on September 18.

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While answering queries on Drug abuse by the younger generation, he said this was the time to really come to terms with what can be done at all levels. He said the market (for drugs) can be destroyed if a sporting culture was introduced in the country and yogic practices, meditation are introduced early on in a child’s life.

When asked about the suicidal tendencies of young students, Sadhguru said this is an unfortunate reality in the country that almost every hour one youth below 25 years of age is committing suicide. “In 2017 over 18,600 suicides below 18 years of age were reported and out of this over 7,000 (suicides) were below 15-years of age. When 12, 13 and 14-year-old children commit suicide, obviously we are doing something very wrong with our society.”

“We have done something very fundamentally wrong. We need to look at ourselves, our education systems. Children are being put through what is like an education factory and there is a need for children to be raised like a garden,” he stressed. “Recently, the Centre had announced that 50 per cent of the time in school would be spent on sports, art music and the remaining would be academic, which would be a big relief,” he noted.

To another query on politics on campus, Sadhguru said, “Responsible political parties must take a stance that they would not mess with the University students and allow them to study. If they (students) want to engage in politics, they must be given opportunities outside the university. They can participate in political activities outside. But the university space should be left free of politics,” he said.

Source: News18.com