Indians must not miss out the terrific response given by Dr Jagadish Hiremut to the INC spokesperson Brijesh Kalappa, the man who played politics over the death of former PM Atal Ji

In the jamboree of Social Media of today, if you are a participant or just observant; you will often find the shindig which at times can be a comical relief and occasionally therapeutic too in these unusual times.

It is almost like you are standing on top of a hill/mountain (depending on your follower count) and overseeing the game being played by people, friends, family, politicians, actors etc., sometimes as a mute spectator, sometimes a commentator, often a referee/a judge to others except occasionally like in my case instantiated below; you get down the hill and become a pivotal player with noteworthy big audience in the kaleidoscope of the inescapably significant digital life commanding credible control over a significant portion of normal everyday life.

In the late evening of 16th August, a day just after Prime Minister had addressed the nation on the ramparts of Red Fort, we got the sorrow news of the death of our ex-Prime Minister Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Whilst a mourning ensued engulfing the whole nation and a multitude of nations with melancholy one person claiming to be a true Gandhian and spokesperson of Indian National Congress (ironical as it is no more national) decided to use the situation to show the current Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi in bad light, rabble-rousing with an alleged picture of a smiling Modi with Doctors of AIIMS allegedly so after the demise of Bharat Ratna Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

Such an act is called “troll magnet” or “trolling the trolls” in colloquial language and is used by players big and small everywhere to increase their audience as trolls always bring in more viewers and maybe even the mainstream media later if it goes “viral”. Such a methodology at gaining notoriety is always intentional and done for gain.

As expected many trolls landed on the timeline of the rabble-rouser and gave their 2 cents, some commenting, some denigrating, some very abusive and a few trying to reason and inform that he was wrong as the picture did not connect to the mood of Prime Minister Modi who in actuality should be considered as the real legacy of our ex-Prime Minister Vajpayee.

Remember the solemn walk of our PM and the cabinet to the Smriti Sthal, that captured the true essence of the great man and the mood of the nation and not the tweet of INC spokesperson.

The above tweet also landed on my timeline which I noticed in a wee bit of time I got between two major surgeries of the day of 17th August. I did check the picture carefully and found that the doctors surrounding our Prime Minister were also in a lighter mood and smiling, except for the trained SPG commandoes protecting the PM; everyone around looked to be in a lighter mood.

In my 20+ years of service as a Doctor, I have not come across one doctor who was in a lighter mood when someone they are caring for is dead; leave aside the fact that the patient is Bharat Ratna Vajpayee himself. This made me conclude (and I still believe unless proved otherwise) that the picture must have been from an earlier visit of PM Modi to AIIMS. So I replied to Mr Brijesh Kallapa that facts needed to be checked before he tweeted and he should be ashamed of spreading lies. To make my reply more interesting I used a modified version of the common English idiom “bite me/come back to bite you” and added INC SM head Ramya (one of my favourite film actress now in the unforgiving world of politics) for zing. People did much worse than what I did; whereas I was above decency as always. I always practice decent language unless provoked to my bones.

I forgot about the whole episode and continued back to my life of patients, operations and medical technology as usual.

On 25th evening me and some of my friends while coming back from Skanray, Mysore after conducting an impressive workshop on ventilator with a town-hall exchange between Engineers who design ventilator and doctors who use them on patients were informed that Mr Brijesh Kalappa is behaving like a petulant child who was denied his chocolate and was still upset with me and my reply which had gone viral (for a fact, I had not noticed that and also Mr Kallapa’s embedded tweet with my reply to him). He wanted to file an FIR and get me arrested to teach me a lesson, for what?? I do not know.

So, I did go to his timeline and check to find this reply to my tweet on 19th August.

This is my reply to INC spokesperson Mr Brijesh Kalappa:

I am who I am Mr Brijesh Kalappa and now that you know that we have some common friends you should come home and have a nice cup of coffee with me and appreciate that I am not an imposter.

I never misrepresented anyone/AIIMS anywhere in my profile not now not ever. It is crystal clear that I represent only myself and myself alone. You can google my name spelled correctly and check me out on all my social media profiles facebook to LinkedIn. I repeat; I am whom I claim myself to be not more nor less, you can also check me out with Karnataka and Tamil Nadu medical council to be sure that I am a medical doctor with more a few degrees to boot.

If my tweet makes you think that I am representing/misrepresenting PMO then by using the same yardstick: is it a fact that you represent/misrepresent PMO for your provocateur tweet in the first place, which started all this?

I have never denigrated woman/womanhood; it is the “perspective” and your capability to understand Queen’s English. Like I said earlier: bite me/bite you are common idioms in English and Ramya being your SM head was added for zing not to denigrate women/womanhood, I would have added Ramesh if he was SM head of INC.

Lastly, whom did I defame?? You!!!…. Now let me consider that as a joke and laugh it off. Please understand, it was you who defamed our Prime Minister for notoriety or as a troll bait or for some sick game of yours.

Do take care Mr Brijesh Kallapa there are real people out there on social media who are not quite interested in politics. Please keep it that way for mediocre minds to flourish in politics and public life.

Dr Jagadish J Hiremut (He is a super specialist medical doctor, medical technologist and also a columnist)