Indians, stop working from today! Rs 72,000 crore will be given to Indians every year, says Congress chief Rahul Gandhi

In an attempt to fool the Indians, Rahul Gandhi had said that his party will give Rs 72000 annually to crores of poor Indians if voted to power in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. The Congress chief Rahul Gandhi had bluffed “Today is a historic day. It is on this day that the Congress party launched its final assault on poverty. 5 Crore of the poorest families in India, will receive Rs. 72,000 Per Year. #NyayForIndia is our dream and our pledge. The time for change has come”.

When the Indians asked how will he fund this scheme, Rahul Gandhi said that “We will snatch bank keys from them and will hand over to the youth”. This act is nothing other than looting, so should we consider that Rahul Gandhi will order the youths to loot the bank and collect Rs 72,000 annually?

To distribute Rs 72,000 to crores of Indians every year, it would require additional budget of over Rs 3.5 lakh crore and this is even bigger than the defense budget. Immediately, several economists claimed that this scheme can never be implemented.

Richie-Rich scheme: From Rs 72,000 per year to Rs 72,000 per month to Rs 72,000 crore per year

At first, Rahul Gandhi said that Rs 72,000 will be given annually and then he said that Rs 72,000 will be given every month. And now he has crossed all the limits of bluffing and stated that if Congress party comes to power, then Rs 72,000 crore will be given the Indians annually.

If you don’t believe, then please do watch the video below:

Reacting to this, BJP rightly said that “we often forget our lie”. The habitual liar Rahul Gandhi has lied so many times that from Rafale deal to surgical strike, it is difficult to keep a track of it for him.

After lying that he will give Rs 72,000 crore to Indians annually, he went on to say that he will remove 25,000 crore people from poverty. An interesting fact is that the population of India is 131 crore and that of the world is about 800 crore. But Rahul Gandhi claims he will remove 25,000 crore people from poverty. How’s that possible?



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