Indians will never forget how Rajdeep Sardesai and Barkha Dutt humiliated the former President Dr Kalam when he sat on the floor!

Pride Of the Nation on ground and these journalists are sitting shamelessly on a chair

APJ Abdul Kalam was a prominent Indian scientist who presided as the 11th President of India from 2002 to 2007. For his important role in nation’s civilian space program and military missile development, he was known as India’s Missile Man. In 1998, he made important contributions to India’s Pokharan-2 nuclear tests, which established him as a national hero. During his tenure, he also earned the title of popular People’s President. He was honored with several awards including Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian honor, for his contributions to the nation’s space and nuclear program.

Despite being one of the President of India and one of the most famous scientists, since years, he is known for his simplicity and humility. And an anecdote showing his simplicity is shown in the video below. In this you see the former president answering a question on the Ram temple sitting on the ground, while the high profile journalists who take interviews are enjoying his answer sitting on the chairs.

Such is the height of ego of these so-called sold journalists !!!

It was the nobility of Mr. Kalam who without any thought took the place which was easily accessible to him due to a shortage of time. But these sold- so called journalists had no regard for the honour of President. They were sitting on a chair like “Maharajas”. They pushed their conversation forward, they did not feel the necessity that they should also sit down with him or stand in his honor and ask him to sit on a chair. Even if a common man is there, we stand in his honor from the chair and here the person in the frame was none other than our beloved President, “Kalam the Great”. But these morons disrespected him.

These lame brains call themselves journalists!!!

Such is their thinking and they take the initiative to make the country aware. How can such fickle -minded journalists make anyone aware? Infact, the country needs to be aware of them and they should be taught a lesson by the people. What could be a better display of discourtesy as shown by them who call themselves educated. Is this their education level that they have learnt to disgrace the President of the nation. This is the actual difference in Mr. Abdul Kalam Azad and in this sold media. No Abdul Kalam get’s the title of “Azad” as such. He must have done something for the betterment of nation and people. As it is rightly said, A person doesn’t become great by birth but by his deeds. A big salute to Kalam ji!!!

The insult of honorable President is an insult of the whole nation

Insulting the Honorable president of nation is an insult of the whole nation. These journalists should be strictly punished. Honorable Supreme Court should take a dig at this video and take appropriate action against these journalists and should set an example of establishing justice in this country so that no journalist can do such a mistake again in the future.