Indians will thump their chest in pride after hearing what Sushma Swaraj did to a Russian who was begging outside temple

Sushma Swaraj is known for going out of the way to help citizens, both outside India and within our borders. She uses Twitter as an innovative tool to address grievances of people. Another such instance occurred recently.

Evangelin, 24, a Russian had arrived in India on October 8. His desire was to visit temples and monuments in South India. He’d arrived in Kancheepuram on Tuesday.

Evangelin had gone for currency exchange, and when he had exhausted the exchanged money, he visited an ATM. But for some reason his card was blocked. Now, Evangelin was not only facing the problem of not being able to communicate with locals, he also had a cash crunch.

He roamed around Kancheepuram and decided to sleep on a footpath near a temple. When he woke up, he saw several beggars gathered outside the temple. Seeing no alternative, he decided to sit with the other beggars for alms. He spread out his cap to get some money.

The temple visitors were perplexed to see a foreigner begging. The incident was reported to the police. Tamil Nadu Police soon came to his help with Siva Kanchi Police arriving at the scene. After hearing his story, sub-inspector Thulasi gave him a Rs 500 note and helped him board a train to Chennai.He was advised to visit the Russian High Commission in Chennai for help.

The matter reached External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj. As always, she promised help. She sent out a very heart-warming tweet: “Your country Russia is our time-tested friend. My officials in Chennai will provide you all help.”

However, when Evangelin was contacted for assistance, he didn’t answer his mobile.

“He did not answer our call when we contacted him on his mobile,” Vice-Consul, Russian Consulate, Yury S Belov said. Yury added that the consulate did not receive any call from him either and added that if they were contacted, ‘we will assist him in a proper way.’

Now that the matter has reached the highest levels in New Delhi, one can be rest assured that the government will do everything to help Evangelin. If they can rescue thousands of civilians from war-torn nations, then this task is relatively easy for them. But it is of satisfaction that appeals for cry by common citizens are heard by this government.

Vinayak Jain