Reality Check- India Is Combating Covid-19 In An Efficient Way, Here Is The Truth You All Need To Know Amidst The Rumours!.

India with its history dating back to more than 10,000 years has always amazed people of all times. The most advanced scientific techniques opted by the world somewhere has Indian roots to it.

Time and again, India has had its share of contribution to the world. The recent “Namaste” (the Indian version of greeting people) too is taking a storm of appreciation around the world.

Sparking a controversy through his tweet, Jim O’Neill thanked China’s response towards corona virus and bad-mouthed India.

Within no time, he received huge back lash for such insensitive statement made considering his caliber and approach towards India as a whole.

Here is the reality check to people who have been extensively critical of steps taken by the Indian government.

1.Iranian officials refused to treat Indian citizens as they did not have sufficient equipment. In return, India has decided to shift a lab from India to Iran to test the patients before evacuating. Government of India has decided to donate the lab to the Iran government.

2.Though India shares a border with China of 3,488 kilometers, there are only 84 cases and 2 deaths. Whereas, UK has recorded 596 cases and 8 deaths in UK.

3.India is leading other countries under SAARC on the basis of humanitarian, medical grounds to combat covid-19.

4.Seeing an example of setting up a lab in Iran, various countries like Afghanistan and many other countries in Asia are requesting to government of India for the same.

5. With the outbreak of corona virus in China, Indian government had supplied all the essential medical facilities comprising of mask, gloves to them.

6.Indian drug stores are claimed to be one of the cheapest in the whole world. Through Jan Aushadi, government of India is helping the poor people to buy medicines at affordable cost.

7. India has the world’s biggest state sponsored health insurance scheme covering 500 million people.( 8 times the size of UK)

Within the scope of providing medical facilities including every class of the society, the Indian government has surely paved a way for others to follow.

Anagha Mahishi


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